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Lençóis Maranhenses


A 10-day curated Retreat and Photography Workshop Adventure at a 380,000-acre desert that receives more rain than Scotland,  located on the northeastern coastline of Brazil.  Featuring Expert Native Guides, Private Charter Planes, Boats, 4WD Vehicles, ATVs, Fine Dining, Local Cuisine, and Authentic Experiences In Local Culture, all wrapped in World Class Photography Instruction.


All-Inclusive 10-Day Photographic Retreat
 An Immersion in a




Maranhão, Brazil
4 to 8 participants 
August 09-18, 2023
August 07 - 16, 2024 - Reserve your spot now!
Tuition: $7,725

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According to UNESCO, the Lençóis Maranhenses in Brazil is a National Park and the largest field of sand dunes in South America.  The impressive preserved area of 155,000 ha (380,000 acres), 49.7 miles (80 km) of coastline, stretches to 31 miles (50km) inland. And the Park keeps growing at light speed. The dunes gain from 16 to 82 ft (5m to 25m) inland yearly!

Lençóis means bedsheets in Portuguese. Funny name, but it makes sense with a bird's eye view of the unearthly desert-like sandy area.  The sloping vegetation-free dunes that can be as high as 12 feet (40m) make you scratch your eyes to escape the mirage.

You are not imagining. The ever-changing ripple effect from the winds makes everyone's jaw drop when first setting eyes on this landscape phenomenon.   The sugar-like sandy slopes dive into thousands of gleaming blue, and green lagoons sprinkled over the 598 square miles (1549 km2.)   The sizeable sandscape is one of my favorites among all the uncanny Brazilian landscapes I've seen. 


The Parque Nacional Lençóis Maranhenses is on the outskirts of the Amazon Basin, and it subjects the region to more than 78" (183cm) of yearly rain.  That is higher than in Scotland!

The sand from the Preguiça and Parnaíba rivers travels 31 miles inland, forming the monumental dunes.   The lagoons that form during the rainy season are trapped between the dunes and guarded against escaping by an impenetrable rock tier underneath the sand.  The result is bath-like water temperatures ranging from 81.5˚F (27.5˚C) and 90˚F (32.22˚C.)

The National Park of Lençóis Maranhenses is the perfect alliance between the Cerrado, the Caatinga, and Amazon ecosystems.  So besides the voluptuous sandy curves, freshwater lagoons, mangroves, and beaches, you'll see incredibly colorful turtles, river sloths, exotic endangered bird species (Guará), otters, wildcats, and manatees around the area.

a wonder to discover

The sizeable sandscape is one of my favorites among all the uncanny Brazilian landscapes

- Vitor Lindo

This All Inclusive Experience Will Live In Your Soul Forever

Workshop Details

This Phenomenal Photography Immersion Workshop Includes Accommodations, Transportation, a Private Charter Plane, Waterfalls, 4-Wheel Drive Tours, Speedboat Trips, Local Cuisine, and Much More ...


Sunrises and Sunsrises at Majestic Dunes

Dive into Cristaline Lakes 

Be Transported to Another Century

Learn Astro Photography

Ride Dune ATVs

Private High Wing Plane for Aerials

Savor Local Delicacies

Adventure For Days

A Curated, Private Experience, Rooted in the Wild Spirit of Brazil

Surf the Dunes 

Learn How to Make Local Artifacts

Impact Locals Helping Distribute Donations

Private Boats
up The River

Unique Fauna & Flora

Dine Under the Stars


Learn more about the adventure that awaits you in this Photography workshop


Our Adventure Photography Workshop Tour starts and ends in São Luis, Maranhão's capital. You should be there no later than the afternoon of the first workshop day for our welcome dinner, and we'll bring you back on the last workshop day for our wrap-up dinner and last overnight stay.

Once you arrive at São Luis airport (SLZ), you'll be transferred to the hotel for check-in. São Luis is a fun and happy town known for its laid-back reggae culture. Its historic colonial city center is a UNESCO World Heritage site for its cultural importance. You can walk through gorgeous cobblestone streets and admire the charming Portuguese buildings with their world-famous tiles (azulejos). It will transport you to Lisbon!

The new waterfront city is the opposite, with its modernized constructions, high-end restaurants, and beachfront bars.

We'll spend a day in São Luis, and early the next day, we'll be on the road to Barreirinhas for about four hours in a private air-conditioned van.

SÃO LUIS  Modern Metropolis with an Old Soul

The arrival starts at the river dock, where our magical journey leads us to the picturesque city of Atins via private speed boat. The boat can go fast, but we'll take our sweet time traveling down the Preguiça River, letting the wildlife sink in. Have your gear ready because we will navigate alongside many different birds, local species, and monkeys who might show up to say hi.

The next stop is at the Vassouras Community for a lovely, well-deserved lunch overlooking the river. That's when you'll start to get a taste of the famous Brazilian Northeastern laid-back lifestyle, savoring the local cuisine and observing and eventually feeding the native monkeys. Keep an eye on your belongings because these cuties are little thieves! 

After the no-rush lunch, we'll continue along the river heading to Mandacarú, another community. If you feel like it, you can go up the 160 steps up the Farol Preguiça's for a 360° exuberant valley view. The lighthouse stands 115 ft (35m) tall. The effort might be a superb opportunity to capture a panoramic. Then, we can recoup our breath with a yummy regional sorbet when we come down.

BARRREIRINHAS The Beginning of the Mirage-Like Experience

When ready to leave, our next stop is Camburé. The small village is very rustic, with unique abandoned inns, as it was a hot spot back in the day. The peninsula and its fluffy white sand are strangulated between the Preguiça river and the Atlantic Ocean. The tranquil and clean surrounding waters seduce you to get in. It's utterly tranquilizing! 

Our river journey will have one more stop. This time will be at the river. The Preguiça's movement is very dynamic. Sometimes the water slide into the ocean, and sometimes goes in reverse. But other times, the river will be dry depending on the tide. So we'll pause and stay on the boat or not, depending on the tide, with cameras ready to snap the famous Guará's (Scarlet Ibis) sunset flock flight before proceeding to Atins.

Atins and Barreirinhas will be about 30 minutes to an hour from the National Park. The accommodations around the National Park are usually charming Inns with internet connections. The locals always welcome tourists, making you feel at home. You might want to move there!

Most days, we'll start our adventure very early to capture the best sunrise light when it is still dark. The ride in the 4WD is fun and, honestly, a bit bumpy, and we'll be back in the afternoon, before sunset, for another session. So these are short windows of opportunities to give us the best possible light. The stunning shiny dunes are 95% quartz and mirror the moonlight. It deserves our attention! Astrophotography, aerial photography, and drone photography (depending on wind conditions) and weaved into our schedule.

We'll stay two days in Atins and return to Barreirinhas, where we'll stay four more days. 

No matter where we enter, the Park can only be visited with a tour guide by 4WD vehicles, RVs, boats, or trekking. We'll be using all forms of locomotion. We'll walk from the 4WD to the lagoons and around them for the best angles for our photography sessions. Although it is a very light and concise walk, please remember that you'll carry your bag with photography gear up and sometimes down soft sandy slopes. Nothing major, but I recommend you are in good health. 

ATINS The Village At The Edge Of The World

The photography sessions will combine dawn, sunset, whole light, Astro, aerial and drone opportunities. I'll be guiding everyone and making sure all goes smoothly. We'll have editing and image review sessions as well.

During our downtime, we'll have fun sliding down the dunes and plunging into the cozy crystalline waters, exploring different locations, experiencing the typical local cuisine, going on boat rides, tubbing down the river, learning the local craftsmanship, impacting the communities, and, some days, changing lodgings. 

And if you pause for a moment from all the fun, take a deep breath and observe the lagoon's current. Impressively, the waters move, talking with the other lagoons from underneath the sand!


Pack Your Bags






- private boat river ride for local fauna and flora
- feed the monkeys
- lighthouse
- Scarlet Ibis sunset flock flight 
- lazy river tubing

- arrival and departure
- historic architecture
- fine dining traditional Brazilian barbecue

- dunes
- lakes
- 4 wheeler rides
- Astrophotography
- local communities
- waterfall
- river rides

- National Park
- private charter flight for aerial photography
- dunes
- lakes
- sunrises
- sunsets
- typical delicacies

This All-Inclusive Experience Will Live In Your Soul Forever

What's Included

All Accommodations Between the Workshop Days. Some nights are at a 4-star hotel, and others will be at lovely rustic Inns.

- 4-Star Hotel in São Luis
- Bed and Breakfasts (Pousadas) 
- Double-Occupancy Rooms
- Single Room Available for Extra Charge

Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners Featuring Authentic Local Cuisine.
Get ready to feast!

- Churrascaria Welcome Dinner
- Churrascaria Wrap-up Dinner
 - Special Surprise Dining Experience!
- Typical Delicacies

Private transportation Throughout the Workshop, including to and from the Airport to Lodging.

- Speedboat
- Charter Plane for Aerial
- Air Conditioned Van
- 4WD Open Cabin Dune Truck

Individualized Photographic Guidance and Instruction from Vitor Lindo helping you every step of the way

- Aerial Photography
- Easy Panorama Stitching
- Combining Multiple Exposures
 - Astrophotography
-And much more ...

+15 years of Experience Local Tour Guide who know all the perfect spots away from crowds

- Satellite Phone For Your Safety 
- Permits and Protected Areas Entry Fees
- All Tips for Local Guides and Drivers
- Translation Services During Workshop
- Vitor is fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish

Unforgettable Moments, Lifetime Friendships Bathed by Cultural Immersion

- Positive Impact on Local Communities via Donation To Children in Need
-  Local Craftsmanship Learning



We handle all transportation during the workshop.

- Any Baggage Fees
- Flights To and From Your Home
- Transportation To/From Your Origin Airport 
- Trip Cancelation Insurance (recommended)
- Medical Evacuation Insurance (recommended)
-Travel Medical Insurance (recommended)


We provide Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners Featuring Local Cuisine.

- Snacks
- Extra Water
- Alcoholic Beverages
- Juices and Soft drinks


We provide all necessary plans and logistics throughout the workshop.

- Medications
- Laundry, Phone Calls
- Other Personal Expenses
- Immunizations, if Applicable
- Passport and Visa Fees, if Applicable
- Lodging before and after the workshop 

Our Workshops are all-inclusive, we take care of all necessary arrangements to ensure you don't have to think of anything except enjoy the ride, but there are a handful of things we do not include. You can find them below.


$2,500 PAY NOW


Tuition For This Luxury Adventure Photography Retreat: $7,725

Pay In Full

$6,950 PAY NOW

(10% Discount Applied)

August 09-18, 2023

August 07-16, 2024

$2,500 PAY NOW


Pay In Full

$6,950 PAY NOW

(10% Discount Applied)

A non-refundable $2,500 deposit holds your spot. If something comes up, you can transfer this deposit to a friend or to another workshop. The remaining tuition balance is due no later than 90 days before the starting date.

CANCELLATIONS: 120 days or more: your deposit is transferable to another of our workshops with no fees. 90 to 120 days: refund of 50% minus the deposit. 90 days or less: we won't be able to refund you. At any point and moment, if you wish to find someone to take your place, you must make all adequate financial arrangements with said person and notify Luana asap for the transfer at luanastudiomanager@gmail.com.

SINGLE OCCUPANCY: The accommodations are for double occupancy. A private room accommodation can be arranged for an additional charge of $1,000.

MORE INFO: More Info can be found on our FAQ Page. You can also read our Terms and Conditions.

BRING A SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Participants are encouraged to bring a non-photographer partner to experience the adventure together! Your significant other pay only 50% of the tuition and will not participate in photography classes and other photographers-only sites and events. Contact Luana at luanastudiomanager@gmail.com for the special rate.

TELL A FRIEND: Photographers who recommend our workshops to a photographer friend who sign-up for any of our workshops get a 25% discount, and the photographer friend gets 25% discount also. Contact Luana at luanastudiomanager@gmail.com for yours and your friend's discount.

EXTEND YOUR STAY: Photographers who wish to arrive at the workshop location before the workshop start date or to extend their stay afterward, please let Luana know of your plans at luanastudiomanager@gmail.com at least 120 days before your arrival, and we'll do our best to assist you.