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Chapada dos Veadeiros


A 10-day curated Photography Retreat + Workshop Adventure to a 235,000-acre Natural Park with over 300 waterfalls so ancient you will feel like you are in the Cretaceous Period. So peaceful and mystical that it inebriates your being as you inhale its beauty emanating from the fact that the area rests on the oldest quartz plate on the planet. Featuring Expert Native Guide, Fine Dining, Local Cuisine, and Authentic Experiences In Local Culture, all wrapped in World Class Photography Instruction.


All-Inclusive 10-Day Photographic Retreat
 Immersion in The Concealed                Preserved Precious Geological




Goiás, Brazil
4 to 6 participants
August 23 - September 01, 2023
August 21 - 30, 2024 - Reserve your spot now!
Tuition: $6,735

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With over 300 waterfalls, the Chapada is part of the Cerrado biome, housing the country's most breathtaking waterfalls and welcoming every taste. Some cascades spill down 328ft (100m), forming pools of crystalline Saphire and Emerald hues that call your name at every corner. And, yes, you can indulge yourself in swimming in the mesmerizing crystal clear pools.

The esoteric vibe of the Chapada dos Veadeiros intensifies when you step on the Vale da Lua (Moon Valley), one of the most exquisite and cinematic sites. The São Miguel river has been caressing those rock formations for over 600 million years, sculpting lunar-like craters on its surface.

The 235,970 ha (583,095 acres)Chapada dos Veadeiros is blessed by Mother Nature. The peaceful and mystical feel that inebriates your being as you inhale its beauty emanates from the fact that the area rests on the oldest quartz plate on the planet. According to NASA, it is one of Earth's brightest natural points seen from space!


Mother Nature took her time on this one. The infinite photography opportunities are hard to describe. We can spend a month in the Chapada dos Veadeiros and only cover one-third of the area. Besides the hundreds of waterfalls, you'll experience a never-ending ocean of vegetation, mountains, lakes, rivers, and diverse fauna and flora. The region shelters several different orchid species and wildlife, such as giant armadillos, pampa deer, jaguars, guará wolves, capybaras, and red-breasted toucans, to mention a few.

balk in mother nature's wondrous work

" According to NASA, it is one of earth's natural brightest point seen from space! "

- Vitor Lindo

This All-Inclusive Experience Will Live In Your Soul Forever

Workshop Details

This Spectacular Photography Immersion Workshop Will Include All Accommodations, Transportation, Hot-Air Balloon Ride, Waterfalls, Vista Trails, 4-Wheel Drive Tours, Boat Trips, Local Cuisine, Historic Sites, and More ...


Sunrises at Majestic

Mid - Century Architecture

Learn Astro Photography

Amazing Cascades

Enjoy Local Food

Adventure For Days

A Curated, Private Experience, Rooted in the Wild Spirit of Brazil

Hike Trails

Meet Artisans

Impact Communities
Donating Food

Private Boats
up The River

See Fauna & Flora

Learn more about the adventure that awaits you in this Photography workshop


This Aventure Photography Workshop starts and ends in Brasilia, Brazil's capital. You should plan to be there no later than the afternoon of the first workshop day for our traditional welcome dinner, and we'll bring you back on the last workshop day for our wrap-up dinner and last overnight stay.

Once you arrive at the Presidente Jucelino Kubitschek International Airport (BSB), a car will transfer you to the hotel for check-in. Brasilia is the Federal District and a paramount beacon in Brazil's town planning history. The was planned and designed with harmony and symmetry in mind. The ultra-modern result put the 11,000 ha of the city's land on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites. The distinctive town is divided into numbered sectors based on activities, such as hotels, banking, and other sectors. The Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Congress, and other exquisite landmarks are impressive icons worth your time and clicks.

We'll spend a day in Brasilia photographing the iconic city and its monuments and head early the next day towards Cavalcante. It's a three hours ride in a private air-conditioned SUV, but we'll stop for snacks and stretching.

BRASILIA  UNESCO World Heritage Site and Capital of Brazil

Cavalcante constitutes 60% of the Chapada dos Veadeiros's region and exhibits 170 cataloged waterfalls spilling into pure see-through blue and green, alluring pools. We'll be going to dive in, literally, into some of the most exquisite ones. 

The region houses a fascinating community of descendants of escaped enslaved people from the 18th and 19th centuries. The indigenous and locals have preserved the 262,000ha of the Kalunga region for the last 300 years. They have much pride in perpetuating and protecting the area, culture, and ways of life, and ONU internationally recognized them for doing so. The Ticca title awards regions that maintain, look after, and safeguard nature and people's well-being.

We'll travel to the oldest and most remote Quilombo for a humbling, life-changing experience photographing the community and learning about its customs and history. In addition, we'll impact the community by visiting a local school and formalizing our traditional donations. Because the area is very remote, we might need to leave the donations at another site for them to retrieve them.

CAVALCANTE - Center Stage of Chapada's Historic Immersion

After that, we'll ride along the Paranã river, taking our time to photograph the river, beaches, and canyons until after the sunset. Then, the long day calls for dining and rest at the new Inn. So to recuperate from the activity-heavy day, we'll stay at this Inn a few steps from a gorgeous waterfall the next day. That day, we'll do an image review session and some astrophotography.

One of the most peculiar sites we'll photograph is the Vale da Lua (Moon Valley.) The valley is known to be the oldest rock formation on Earth and hosts astonishing smooth lunar-like crystals and rock formations carved by the São Miguel river over millions of years. The persistent griding provoked the enormous cavities to explode, lending a moon-like appearance to the river-kneaded rocks.

The alien grey unwrinkled topography takes you by surprise with its hidden cascades and tunnels housing emerald water flows and natural swimming pools. The myriad of quartz on this ethereal landscape forms dazzling rainbows taking you to another planet.

In this adventure photography workshop, we'll start our days early and, sometimes, in the first hours of the day. It would be best if you planned to have your bags organized at all times, as the spread-out locations often force us to change Inns and photography places.

The Park deserves a whole day visit to allow plenty of time to trek between the highest waterfalls and several others. The tallest one has a 120m (394ft) drop. If we get lucky, we'll see the rich local fauna around the falls. The next day get ready for a treat! We'll leave early again to indulge ourselves with a balloon ride for an aerial photography opportunity. 

If you don't feel like going on the balloon ride, no problem, we'll wave at you from above... no hard feelings. For the ones who are up to the adventure, the pilot doesn't guarantee we are going over rivers and waterfalls because it depends on the weather and wind conditions that day. But he always tries! After that, we'll hit one more waterfall, and after lunch, we'll return to Brasilia for our traditional farewell dinner and last night together.

The photography sessions will combine dawn, sunset, whole light, Astro, aerial and drone opportunities. I'll be guiding everyone and making sure gets attention and instruction. We'll have editing and image review sessions as well.

During our downtime, we'll have fun swimming into the pure crystal clear waters, exploring different locations, experiencing the typical local cuisine, going on boat rides, learning the local craftsmanship and culture, impacting the communities, and changing lodgings. 

Parque Nacional Chapada dos Veadeiros 

The Chapada dos Veadeiros is famous for its mysticism and esoteric vibe. Once in a while, take your time to meditate and feel the positive energy from this ancient site and its humongous quartz bed. We'll share our experiences; this magical location can eventually better us!


A Journey To The Land That Time Forgot

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- private boat river ride for local fauna and flora
- 120m (394ft) waterfall 
- balloon ride for aerial
- mystical and esoteric vibe
- Astrophotography

- arrival and departure
- ultra-modern architecture
- fine dining
- traditional Brazilian barbecue

- 170 waterfalls
- Kalunga Historic Region
- sunrises
- sunsets
- typical delicacies
- local craftsmanship
- Quilombo locals' portraits

We carefully curated this experience, considering every detail possible to ensure a magical journey for all participants

What's Included

All Accommodations Between the Workshop Days. Some nights are at a 4-star hotel, and others will be at lovely rustic Inns.

- 4-Star Hotel in Brasília
- Bed and Breakfasts (Pousadas) 
- Double Occupancy Rooms
- Single Room Available for Extra Charge

Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners Featuring Authentic Local Cuisine.
Get ready to feast!

- Churrascaria Welcome Dinner
- Churrascaria Wrap-up Dinner
- Typical Delicacies

Private transportation Throughout the Workshop, including to and from the Airport to Lodging.

- Speedboat
- Balloon Ride for Aerial
- Air Conditioned SUVs
- 4WDs

Individualized Photographic Guidance and Instruction from Vitor Lindo helping you every step of the way

- Aerial Photography
- Easy Panorama Stitching
- Combining Multiple Exposures
 - Astrophotography
-And much more ...

+15 years of Experience Local Tour Guide who know all the perfect spots away from crowds

- Satellite Phone For Your Safety 
- Permits and Protected Areas Entry Fees
- All Tips for Local Guides and Drivers
- Translation Services During Workshop
- Vitor is fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish

Unforgettable Moments, Lifetime Friendships Bathed by Cultural Immersion

- Positive Impact on Local Communities via Food Donation To Children in Need
-  Local Craftsmanship Learning



We handle all transportation during the workshop.

- Any Baggage Fees
- Flights To and From Your Home
- Transportation To/From Your Origin Airport 
- Trip Cancelation Insurance (recommended)
- Medical Evacuation Insurance (recommended)
-Travel Medical Insurance (recommended)


We provide Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners Featuring Local Cuisine.

- Snacks
- Extra Water
- Alcoholic Beverages
- Juices and Soft drinks


We provide all necessary plans and logistics throughout the workshop.

- Medications
- Laundry, Phone Calls
- Other Personal Expenses
- Immunizations, if Applicable
- Passport and Visa Fees, if Applicable
- Lodging before and after the workshop 

Our Workshops are all-inclusive, we take care of all necessary arrangements to ensure you don't have to think of anything except enjoy the ride, but there are a handful of things we do not include. You can find them below.


$2,500 PAY NOW


Tuition For This Luxury Adventure Photography Retreat: $6,735

Pay In Full

$6,000 PAY NOW

(10% Discount Applied)

$2,500 PAY NOW


Pay In Full

$6,000 PAY NOW

(10% Discount Applied)

August 23 - September 01, 2023

August 21 - 30, 2024

A non-refundable $2,500 deposit holds your spot. If something comes up, you can transfer this deposit to a friend or to another workshop. The remaining tuition balance is due no later than 90 days before the starting date.

CANCELLATIONS: 120 days or more: your deposit is transferable to another of our workshops with no fees. 90 to 120 days: refund of 50% minus the deposit. 90 days or less: we won't be able to refund you. At any point and moment, if you wish to find someone to take your place, you must make all adequate financial arrangements with said person and notify Luana asap for the transfer at luanastudiomanager@gmail.com.

SINGLE OCCUPANCY: The accommodations are for double occupancy. A private room accommodation can be arranged for an additional charge of $1,000.

MORE INFO: More Info can be found on our FAQ Page. You can also read our Terms and Conditions.

BRING A SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Participants are encouraged to bring a non-photographer partner to experience the adventure together! Your significant other pay only 50% of the tuition and will not participate in photography classes and other photographers-only sites and events. Contact Luana at luanastudiomanager@gmail.com for the special rate.

TELL A FRIEND: Photographers who recommend our workshops to a photographer friend who sign-up for any of our workshops get a 25% discount, and the photographer friend gets 25% discount also. Contact Luana at luanastudiomanager@gmail.com for yours and your friend's discount.

EXTEND YOUR STAY: Photographers who wish to arrive at the workshop location before the workshop start date or to extend their stay afterward, please let Luana know of your plans at luanastudiomanager@gmail.com at least 120 days before your arrival, and we'll do our best to assist you.