Iguazu Falls


A curated Photography Workshop adventure to a UNESCO World Heritage and One of The Seven Natural Wonders of the World, with 275 cascades, three kilometers wide, and 80 meters drops engraved into Atlantic Forest. 
Featuring Expert Guide, Fine Dining, Local Cuisine, Authentic Experiences In Local Culture, all wrapped in World Class Photography Instruction.


All-Inclusive 5-days Photographic Immersion Retreat in One of
The Most                 
Spectacles in The 




Paraná, Brazil - 3 to 7 participants
November 20-25, 2023
December 09-14, 2024
Tuition: $8,815



One of The Seven Natural Wonders of the World



A UNESCO World Heritage, the Iguazu Falls is also home to 500 species of butterfly, 400 birds, and over 2000 plant species, including orchids, bromeliads, moss, begonias, and bamboo. Some wildlife we may see are jaguars, puma, cayman, giant otters, and giant anteaters. Equipped with a telephoto and patience, we’ll snap some Coatis, 88 Butterflies, lizards, howler monkeys, toucans, and the exquisite and hard-to-spot Common Potoo. By sunset, we’ll see flocks of Great Dusky Swifts, or just “Swifts, “as the British call them. They nest behind the waterfalls and come out at this time, flying through the falls as fast as 105 mph (169 km/h) in level flight, lending you a magnificent video!

Despite being a tourist area, the nature engrossment, the surprising trails, the unique fauna, flora, and the proximity to the waterfalls are eminent with every breath you take. 

Originally from the indigenous language Tupi Guarani, the name Iguaçu means água-rio grande (water-big river.) The main tributary of the Paraná river, the Iguaçu river crosses the whole state of Paraná, margins Argentina, and joins the Paraná river after running for 807.78 miles (1300km.)

Split between Brazil and Argentina, the stupefying 275 falls formed by the confluence of the rivers Iguaçu and Paraná are dispersed in a half-circle shape with a total of 252,982 ha (625132.13 acres.) 


balk in mother nature's wondrous work

" It’s a humbling experience to witness the largest broken waterfall in the world! "

- Vitor Lindo

This All Inclusive Experience Will Live In Your Soul Forever

Workshop Details

This Incredible Photography Immersion Workshop Includes All Accommodations, Transportation, All Meals, Waterfalls, Vista Trails, Private Helicopter Tour, Boat Trip Under Waterfalls, Local Cuisine, and More ...


Sunrises at Majestic

Colonial Portuguese Archtecture

Learn Atro Photography

Otherwordly Waterfalls

Helicopter Ride

Exquisite Local Delicacies

Adventure For Days

A Curated, Private Experience, Rooted in the Wild Spirit of Brazil

Hike Trails

Exotic Fauna

Donate Food

 Boats Ride under the Falls


Learn more about the adventure that awaits you in this Photography workshop


This photography workshop is our shortest adventure but one of my favorites. It is intense and worth every minute! You’ll arrive at Foz do Iguaçu Internacional Airport (IGU) on the Brazilian side, and private transport will take you to our hotel. After check-in, we’ll not waste time and head to a sunset section. Arrive camera ready! We’ll get to know each other during dinner, review the itinerary and answer any questions afterward.

Our lodging will be a luxurious 5-star hotel nestled in the jungle on the Brazilian side in the Iguassu Falls Park. The hotel guests have exclusive access to the park before and after regular business hours, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the jungle at the most peaceful and breathtaking hours. So when on the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls, we’ll also be shooting during sunset and sunrise hours with some night shoots for astrophotography, sky clarity permitting.

The Argentinian side will not have the luxury of direct and exclusive access to the park, but we’ll hit many trails and see most of the falls from that side and diversify our composites. Wide-angle and telephoto lenses are imperative if you want to impress with these images in your portfolio. 

Another  UNESCO World Heritage Site in Brazil

And polarized lenses will allure spectacular rainbows directly into your viewer like a magnet. Many times during a spray, the rainbows appear and disappear like magic. Always be ready for them! The light is more favorable on some Argentinian trails in the mornings, and the notorious Devil’s Throat offers much better light in the afternoon. 

The weather will be hot and humid, although it is still Spring there at this time of the year. The temperature should be around 80°F (27°C. ). Splashes and eventually getting soaked are inevitable and part of the fun adventure. Look at our equipment list, but I can tell you upfront that you’ll need a dry bag, shower cap, lens cloths, camera sleeve, umbrella, and everything in between to guarantee your equipment stays dry. Be ready to clean your lenses after each shot. The practical approach is to have the camera on the tripod to minimize the “wiping the lenses” routine and shorten the time between remote shutter clicks. Once you choose your spot, have a plan of action to change lenses in a dry location!

One major tip to this location is always to have a second gear ready because some days, the humidity level is so high that your camera can stop working on a wimp. I also recommend a towel and extra clothes for those who sweat easily!

During the day, when the light is not very inviting to photograph the falls, we’ll go to different places such as The Bird’s Park, do a photo review, do a 

boat ride, and the Macuco Safari, where we can get under one of the waterfalls. Get ready for a shower! 

In one of the afternoons, we’ll jump in a helicopter for a bird’s eye view of this remarkable Nature exhibition. The 24-70mm lens is best for the short 10 minutes flight, but if you only have 16-35mm, you’ll add jaw-dropping images to your portfolio. Through an open window, the polarized lenses will come in handy. Besides the photos, I can tell you that you’ll never forget this trip. It’s a humbling experience to witness the largest broken waterfall in the world!


Pack Your Bags

One of The Seven Natural Wonders of the World

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- trails
- kayak river ride 
- 10 other waterfalls

- lodging at a 5-star hotel
(the only hotel inside the park giving exclusive before and after hours access to the falls
- sunrise
- sunsets
- night photography
- boat ride on Iguazu river
- majestic waterfall views
- helicopter ride over the falls

- garganta do diabo waterfall
- top part of the falls
- trails

We carefully curated this experience thinking of every detail possible to ensure a magical journey for all participants

What's Included

All Accommodations Between the Workshop Days.

- Two night on an exclusive before and after hours Park access 5-star hotel and 3 nights on a 4-star hotel
- Double Occupancy Rooms
- Single Room Available for Extra Charge

Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners Featuring Authentic Local Cuisine.
Get ready to feast!

- Welcome Dinner
- Churrascaria Wrap-up Dinner Show
- Typical Delicacies

Private transportation Throughout the Workshop, including to and from the Airport to Lodging.

- Riverboat by the Falls
- Helicopter Ride for Aerial
- Air Conditioned Vans

Individualized Photographic Guidance and Instruction from Vitor Lindo helping you every step of the way

- Aerial Photography
- Easy Panorama Stitching
- Combining Multiple Exposures
 - Astrophotography
-And much more ...

+15 years of Experience Local Tour Guides who know all the perfect spots away from crowds

- Satellite Phone For Your Safety 
- Permits and Protected Areas Entry Fees
- All Tips for Local Guides and Drivers
- Translation Services During Workshop
- Vitor is fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish

Unforgettable Moments, Lifetime Friendships Bathed by Cultural Immersion

- Positive Impact on Local Communities via Food Donation To Children in Need
-  Local Craftsmanship Learning



We handle all transportation during the workshop

- Any Baggage Fees
- Flights To and From Your Home
- Transportation To/From Your Origin Airport 
- Trip Cancelation Insurance (recommended)
- Medical Evacuation Insurance (recommended)
-Travel Medical Insurance (recommended)


We provide Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners Featuring Local Cuisine.

- Snacks
- Extra Water
- Alcoholic Beverages
- Juices and Soft drinks


We provide all necessary plans but we do not provide.

- Medications
- Laundry, Phone Calls
- Other Personal Expenses
- Immunizations if Applicable
- Passport and Visa Fees if Applicable
- Lodging before and after the workshop 

Our Workshops are all inclusive, we take care of all necessary arrangements to make sure you don't have to think of anything except enjoy the ride, but there are a handful of things we do not include, you can find them below.


$2,500 PAY NOW


Tuition For This Luxury Adventure Photography Retreat: $8,815

Pay In Full

$7,933 PAY NOW

(10% Discount Applied)

$2,500 PAY NOW


Pay In Full

$6,493 PAY NOW

(10% Discount Applied)

December 09-14, 2024

November 20-25, 2023

A non-refundable $2,500 deposit holds your spot. If something comes up, you can transfer this deposit to a friend or to another workshop. The remaining tuition balance is due no later than 90 days before the starting date.

CANCELLATIONS: 120 days or more: your deposit is transferable to another of our workshops with no fees. 90 to 120 days: refund of 50% minus the deposit. 90 days or less: we won't be able to refund you. At any point and moment, if you wish to find someone to take your place, you must make all adequate financial arrangements with said person and notify Luana asap for the transfer at luanastudiomanager@gmail.com.

SINGLE OCCUPANCY: The accommodations are for double occupancy. A private room accommodation can be arranged for an additional charge of $1,000.

MORE INFO: More Info can be found on our FAQ Page. You can also read our Terms and Conditions.

BRING A SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Participants are encouraged to bring a non-photographer partner to experience the adventure together! Your significant other pay only 50% of the tuition and will not participate in photography classes and other photographers-only sites and events. Contact Luana at luanastudiomanager@gmail.com for the special rate.

TELL A FRIEND: Photographers who recommend our workshops to a photographer friend who sign-up for any of our workshops get a 25% discount, and the photographer friend gets 25% discount also. Contact Luana at luanastudiomanager@gmail.com for yours and your friend's discount.

EXTEND YOUR STAY: Photographers who wish to arrive at the workshop location before the workshop start date or to extend their stay afterward, please let Luana know of your plans at luanastudiomanager@gmail.com at least 120 days before your arrival, and we'll do our best to assist you.