Why You Need Film Photography For Your Wedding Photos

Why You Need Film Photography For Your Wedding Photos


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When it comes to planning out your engagement and wedding photography, it can all seem a bit overwhelming. From deciding on how many hours of coverage, to specific poses, to yes or no on a second shooter, first look, etc, there are a lot of options, and it’s understandable that you may not know where to start. One of the newer debates, however, has been about the battle between film and digital photography. For many couples, when it comes down to sticking to your budget, going the film route may seem unimportant, and just another add on fee to your price. However, once you’ve done your research, you’ll see that film is definitely worth the add on, and will enhance your final images in a way you would have never expected.


Many of you may be wondering, “what is film photography, and why is it so important?” Well, let’s start out with the basics. Film Photography is fairly self-explanatory. Rather than using a digital camera to create the images, we use film and film cameras to capture each moment, and these images are later developed and scanned to you. The number one difference between film and digital photography is the image quality itself. With digital, you can, of course, go in and edit pictures to your hearts content, but the raw image using film is already in such amazing shape. Film captures more of the vibrant colors and tones around, since it can use more colors to determine the exact tone and get as close to lifelike as possible. Especially here in Savannah, when you add in the crisp sunlight streaming in through the trees, you get something so inherently magical that digital cameras just can’t quite capture. Plus, who doesn’t want that romantic, breathtaking photo of the bride and groom in the gorgeous sunlight? I personally purchase the highest quality film that I can to ensure that the images come out perfectly and as cleanly as possible.


Another great reason to consider film photography for your engagement session or wedding is to make the experience more genuine. Nothing says “authentic” quite like getting to keep the negatives from your own wedding. It’s a keepsake you can treasure forever, and someday show the kids that there was a point in time when not everything was on a screen. When you really think about it, going with film photography is keeping with tradition. When your mom, or her mom, or even her mom got married, the option to take digital photos was not available, so they had to use film photography. Getting to use film for your wedding is a special part of that legacy, that maybe one day you can even pass to your children. Plus, imagine the fun night you could have with mom and grandma, as you all pull out the negatives from your respective weddings and compare? Bring a glass of wine if you are feeling adventurous, and go to town sharing memories and anecdotes from these weddings. Sharing the love is something that just cannot be bought, and you will truly cherish these precious moments.


Using film photography is becoming such an industry trend, and for good reason too! Not only is film photography more genuine and authentic, but it is just so beautiful, and really makes your engagement or wedding photos come to life. Feel free to take a look through my portfolios and catch a glimpse of what your photos could look like with film, and you’ll be hooked. Getting engaged and married is one of the biggest moments of your life, and you will want to ensure that it is photographed in the most accurate and beautiful light possible.


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