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3 Reasons Why You Must Have A Wedding Video

August 8, 2016

3 Reasons Why You Must Have A Wedding Video


Wedding Video


Getting married and celebrating the start of your new life together is one of the most exciting and cherished moments of anyone’s life. The day of the wedding is something that you will admire and look back on throughout the years, and you will want to have the most accurate representation of the day to share with friends, family, and even your children someday. One of the many add ons that you may be offered by your photographer is wedding videography. For most couples, the wedding budget is a bit limited, and it makes sense to cut back on certain add ons to save money. However, wedding videography is such an important part of the package that you will appreciate down the road. We’ve compiled a list of the top three reasons to have a wedding videographer on your special day.

1.You Can’t Hear the Day Through Photos

While your wedding photos will be absolutely stunning, you can’t hear the sounds of the wedding day through a photo. You won’t be able to hear your new husband or wife saying their vows to you. You won’t be able to hear the song played during your first dance, or your father/daughter dance. You may be able to see the smiles during the toasts at the reception, but you can’t hear what they said, or your guests’ reactions to it all. You won’t be able to hear the emotion of your friends and family throughout the ceremony and reception. There are so many big moments that you just can’t get through a photo, no matter how hard you try. All of these moments, like vows and toasts, are moments that you will want to remember throughout the rest of your life, and having that video available to you later on will be so appreciated. You may not have loved that your second cousin did the chicken dance during the reception, but down the road, getting to watch that take place will really bring a smile to your face.

2.It’s the #1 Regret from Brides

The #1 regret from brides after their wedding day is not getting video coverage of the ceremony and reception. One thing I have learned throughout my time in this industry is that you can always take things away after the wedding, but you can’t recreate something when everything is said and done. Wedding videos offer the ability to relive your day to the fullest, and offers the best possible way to see moments you may have even missed! Being a bride is very time consuming, and it’s easy to miss some parts of your day, but having a video can let you see things you may have not gotten to see. Having a wedding video is something that you will be able to share with loved ones and even watch yourself as time goes on. Imagine a few years down the road, while you are sitting in the living room of your first home with your new spouse, getting to watch the day you both vowed to share your lives together. You could cuddle up on the couch, break open a glass of champagne, and reminisce together on all of the joys that you shared together on this day. I personally couldn’t imagine anything more romantic than this simple moment together.

3.Family Heirloom

One of the best parts of the wedding day is getting to have most of you and your new spouse’s family and friends all together at the same time. This could include having your grandma and grandpa who live in another state, or maybe your great aunt and uncle. We all know that traveling is expensive, but having this opportunity to see everyone together is something that not only you and your spouse can share, but also your family and friends can enjoy as well. In 10-20 years from now, when your older relatives have moved on, you will have actual video footage of them. You can hear their voice, watch them laugh and dance, and listen to the stories that they share for years and years after. If your videographer offers it, a highlight reel is also something that you can share with friends and family who were unable to attend the event, which makes them feel included, even if they couldn’t make it there in person.


Sharing your wedding day with those you love is such a great joy in life. Hiring a wedding videographer is such an important part of the experience, and will really complement your photos just beautifully. There is so much to remember on the day that just can’t be captured with photography alone, and this day in particular is one you will always want to look back on. 


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