Fine Art Wedding Videography

Savannah…the Southern City Of Moss. Hiring Vitor Lindo will ensure you have hired Savannah’s best wedding Videography company. As a wedding videographer in Savannah I have seen my share of gorgeous green parks, mossy corners, and cobble stone streets. But at every wedding, I am amazed at how the city comes alive to illuminate the couple on their magical day.

Why Are You The Best Wedding Videography Company?

Experience, Care and Know-How

We have been recording wedding videos in Savannah since the Fall of 2012. In 2015, we recorded over 30 wedding videos. Since 2012, we have recorded over 70 wedding videos in total. We have worked at almost every wedding venue in Savannah. We have a rapport with almost every wedding planner and stylist. We even know the best parking spaces to find during crowded summer months. Trust us, that is a big important skill to have! By hiring us, you know you are hiring the best Wedding Videography company in Savannah. When we entered the scene in 2012 when there were almost no wedding videographers working in Savannah. We brought our own original style and raised the bar. Brides and grooms would come to us because they knew they would receive the best wedding videography possible.

Why A Wedding Video Is Very Important

Recording A Video For Future Generations

It is a sad thing to think about but we know that our family members will pass away. Parents, grandparents and other older family members will leave us as time goes by. I always tell my Savannah couples that wedding videography is an investment and that saving those memories is invaluable. I think that speeches are very important. Those short couple minutes where our elders are giving their advice for a happy life and marriage is something that we can’t ever get back. That is what a wedding video can do for you. You can relive and watch those persons talk to you time and time again. A wedding video is a time machine. It can transport us back to that happiest of days.