Top 5 Tips to Photograph Amazing Engagement Photos

Top 5 Tips to Photograph Amazing Engagement Photos


Engagement Photos

Whether you are an expert photographer who has been capturing engagement photos for years, or a fresh face to the industry, there are always ways to improve in your art. Engagement photos can be some of the most beautiful moments for the happy couple, and it is always an honor that they chose you to capture such an intimate time. Being on your A-Game is always super important, but doing an engagement session is special, which means you will need to be on top of every detail. We put together the top five things to keep in mind when doing your engagement sessions- no matter what level photographer you are!


1. Communication with the Couple

This point is number one for pretty obvious reasons: communication is key! It is vital that you and your clients are on the same level for every single detail of the shoot. This is why i always send them this blog post before every session. When you get the chance to meet with your client before the day of, make a checklist of everything involved, and go over each part thoroughly. What location do they want? Are they looking for more casual photos, or dressy? One great option to recommend to the clients is professional hair and makeup. Many brides like to do a trial run of their hair and makeup for the big day, so why not schedule it for the same day as the engagement photos? Then they will guarantee beautiful hair and makeup for the engagement session, and feel more confident for the wedding itself. Also, make sure to get a complete list of the shots they want. Some couples want certain shots done, but forget to bring it up and then it never happens on the day of. Making sure you put their needs first is so important to keeping connected with the clients. Last but not least, ask if they are wearing anything special- perhaps a family heirloom? This ensures that you get pictures of the things that are important to them.


2. Picking a Great Location

When meeting with your couple, it’s important to work together to find the perfect location for their needs. Are they looking for a peaceful, outdoor scene? If so, do they want to go more rustic or natural? Maybe they want an indoor setting with character. Finding out the look that they want is vital. If they are having trouble deciding, get to know them better and make some suggestions. Maybe they are quiet, calm people, in which case the beach could work quite nicely. Also, go explore some new areas before meeting with your couple. As photographers, we tend to get comfortable in the locations that we have found before. While these spots may be perfect, don’t be afraid to try something new and look for different approaches! Experimentation is a huge part of being a photographer, so take the opportunity to expand your horizons with locations.


3. Helping Your Clients Pick the Best Outfits

Engagement photos are such a beautiful time to capture the love between your couple, and making sure that they have the best outfits to compliment those moments, and not detract, is so vital. Talk to your bride and see what kind of look they are going for: dressy, casual, somewhere in between? From there, you can recommend outfits that for them. A dress and subtle heels is a classic way to go, just make sure they feel comfortable in their heels (and recommend a pair of flats to change into when they need a break). One tip we always tell our clients is to bring options. When they get to the shoot, you can look and decide which ones will work best, and that way you aren’t stuck with a distracting outfit to work with. For a more thorough explanation on this subject, make sure to check out our blog post. What to Wear for the Perfect Engagement Photos.


4. Posing

Posing is an amazing opportunity to get to connect with your couple. I always send them this blog post to her with posing. Work with them and find out what makes them feel the most comfortable. Are they fun and goofy? Are they laid back and reserved? Or are they a bit on the steamy side? Use this knowledge to research poses and find what will best suit them. Don’t be afraid to go out of your element and try out new poses too! Never be afraid to fail, it only allows more room for you to grow. Also, make sure you take a few photos that have a lot of negative, blurred out background space. Couples more than likely want to use these images for “Save the Date” cards, and allowing a few photos with room for text will give them exactly what they are looking for. We recommend finding that perfect, magical pose, and having them on the side with a clean background blurred out on the other side. Take a few different photos in this format so that they have options!


5. Delivery

The photo shoot itself may be done, but there is always room to “wow” your clients. Once you’ve gathered up some of the images and edited them to your liking, the first thing to do is make a blog post on your website featuring the happy couple. Write a brief synopsis of how they met, how he proposed, any little quirks or sweet notes about them, and then a group of the engagement photos from the shoot. The couple will be dying to get a peek at the images, and sharing this with them has benefits for you as well! They will share this link to social media so that their loved ones can see, which will drive prospective clients to you (bonus!). After you’ve finished up all of your editing, then we recommend delivering them on a photo sharing website, such as Pixie Set. Pixie Set is great because it allows the couple to download and purchase prints straight from the site, and also allows you to see how many people have viewed your engagement photos gallery as well! Never just send a generic email or USB. This is not as personal, and with USB’s, it’s just a waste of your money.



With all of these tips in mind, you are on your way to helping countless couples capture this precious time in their lives. Engagement sessions can be beautiful, life changing opportunities as a photographer, and it is an honor to be a part of this moment for them.


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