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Why Photographers Need A PDF Pricing Guide

Why Photographers Need A PDF Pricing Guide

In an age where everything is available at the touch of a finger, it’s important as an entrepreneur to stay up to date and current with the latest methods of marketing and communication for your clients. While having a website and social media pages is a given, one of the more unknown, but highly effective, methods of communicating your services to new and existing clients is through the use of a Wedding Photography Pricing PDF Guide. There are so many uses for having this document on hand, and not only adds convenience for clients, but a much more professional outreach program for new customers. Here are the top 5 reasons why having a Wedding Photography Pricing PDF Guide is so valuable- and feel free to reference my own pricing guide throughout the article! (link to download)


1.Added Convenience for Clients

As I mentioned before, having a Wedding Photographer Pricing PDF List can be extremely helpful for the client. While I’m sure you may already have your pricing guide on your website, the client has to find the pricing guide themselves, and then it’s gone if they exit the browser. Having the freedom to download a full pricing guide to browse through at their own convenience will make your clients feel more at ease in their decision, and gives them the time they need to look at the pricing options at their own time, whether there is Wifi available or not. This also allows for your clients to have a physical representation of you to keep in their minds, no matter where they are.


2.PDF’s Can Be Shared with Ease

Sharing a website link is fairly simple, however, if the recipient is in poor service, or looking on a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet, then the pricing guide can become warped, not load correctly, or even worse, not at all. Having a PDF version available ensures that your clients and partners are seeing your work and your pricing options in the most accurate manner. A pricing PDF is also handy to give out to local vendors that you trust, since they can share this guide with their most valued customers in a clear, concise, and professional manner. Higher end clients will not want to take the time to research their options, so having this available to planners increases your access to clients who normally wouldn’t be able to find you.


3.Showcase Your Work and Your Brand

One of the best parts of having a full pricing guide is that you are able to design it to fit your brand and aesthetic in the most accessible way possible. Rather than having to conform to a website template, you have the freedom to showcase your work in a digital format that can be viewed anywhere, at any time. PDF’s allow you to display a variety of work from different occasions, without it seeming too cluttered or disorganized. Keep your work concise, yet detailed. Quality over quantity is so important when it comes to building a portfolio, and the same comes into play when creating your pricing guide. When a customer looks through your book, they should immediately become immersed in your brand from the moment they open the book. Make your clients want to find out more about your brand and what you have done.


4.Create a Fully Interactive Experience

In the digital age, a simple PDF guide has the potential to become a full interactive experience. Since a PDF is viewed digitally, one of the many options you have is to add in hyperlinks to your social media pages and website. This comes in handy for consumers who may be seeing you for the first time via this PDF who want a more comprehensive view of your services. Perhaps you were featured in Style Me Pretty, or even The Knot? You can add in links to showcase your reputability and experience, all at the touch of a button. No longer do your potential clients have to search through your website to find these (or even worse, miss them completely), but now they have easy access, and you can easily point out the experience and quality of work you produce, without risk of clients scanning over it by accident.  


5.Keep Your Services in their Minds

With weddings growing more and more into a powerful industry, modern brides are filling their laptops with articles, inspiration, and documents to help plan out their wedding. With a downloadable PDF Pricing Guide, you are allowing your bride to keep all of your information in an easy to spot location, which keeps you in their heads over potential competitors who may not have this guide available. A busy bride is much more likely to skim through your pricing guide while at work, then go online and try to find the link of that one photographer they saw last week on Pinterest. Make sure to keep your guide under 25MB, so that your clients and vendors can easily email your guide to others, and you will be all set to gaining new clients.


Getting your name out in a growing industry may seem daunting, and even impossible at times, but as long as you do your best to stand out from the crowd, you’ll be on your way to success! If you need some inspiration, feel free to scroll through my recently revamped pricing guide for layouts, wording, and photo placement.


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