Couples Photos at Red Gate Farms

Couples Photos in Savannah GA

As a couple, your wedding day is the start of your new life together and arguably one of the most important and special days of your life. While it will be a whirlwind of emotion, greeting family and friends who have come from so far, and taking in all of the beauty and wonder that you hoped it would be, it’s important to plan ahead for such a special moment you and your new partner have together: couples photos.


First Look Couples Photos

Couples Photos in Savannah

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a huge advocate of first look photos. First look photos take place immediately after the bride’s hair and makeup is complete and is an incredible opportunity for you to take some time together as soon-to-be husband and wife and start the day off right – with your special person by your side.

Planning your first look is a great opportunity to get creative together! The first time you see each other on your wedding day is so special and this is a great opportunity to have your first look reflect your personality as a couple. Do you want to meet up at the location you met for the first time? Do you want to hold hands behind a door frame? Do you want to exchange letters or read them aloud before seeing each other? These are some great ways to build the anticipation and make your first meeting all the more special.

Once you’ve had your first look, this is an amazing time to do your couples photos. Having seen each other for the first time, you have plenty to talk about! How your day has gone so far, the hopes and dreams you have for the rest of the day, how you’ve been saving details about the dress under lock and key. The emotions are high and the photos will reflect the love you share between one another.


Show Your Emotions

Couples Photos in Savannah


There is nothing more powerful than a photo that reflects true emotion. Keep in mind that these photos will capture the happiness you feel, the fun you are having, and the love you share. Make sure to put all stresses, worries and concerns away for another time – if there is anything you feel stressed about, this will be reflected in your photos! At the end of the day, you will be married – what is there to stress about? All of the careful and cautious detailing, planning and preparing will pay off, so take your time to enjoy your couples photos and don’t worry about the day ahead.


Poses to Remember 

Couples Photos in Savannah


This is a time for you to show off your togetherness, and the poses you take will reflect your personality as a couple and love for each other. If you are a private couple, don’t feel the pressure to act differently than you really are. Your photos can reflect your love for each other without kissing in all of them!

Keep close together and absorb each other. It’s great to look at the camera for a few shots, as we love seeing your beautiful eyes, but remember that this day is about you as a couple. Spend more time looking into your partner’s eyes and the magic will follow naturally. Touching forehead to forehead, wrapping your arms around one another, kissing each other on the cheek, and keeping your hands locked together are great ways to keep things flowing and looking natural.

I’ll close off with my most important tip for the whole day, laugh. Laugh lots. This is your wedding day and you make each other happier than anyone else in the world. Whisper inside jokes, tell each other how wonderful you are, and remind yourselves of why you fell in love. Laughter will help you enjoy the day, truly and wholly – and your photos will look amazing when you laugh.

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