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How to Get The Best Bridal Portraits in Savannah

April 23, 2016

How to Get The Best Bridal Portraits in Savannah

One of the most unique elements to a wedding day is the time set aside for a bride to have her portraits taken, especially in Savannah, Georgia! Donned in the most amazing dress of her life, and prepared in such delicate femininity with all of the accessories she’s always dreamed of, this is a magical and unique time every bride should feel like she can enjoy.

To make the most of this special time, I’ve put together some tips and tricks for taking bridal portraits on your wedding day.

Make a Plan: Hair



When you meet with your hairstylist and plan for your wedding day, choose a hairstyle that will flatter your most important features. Consider how your hairstyle will be able to draw attention to your dress. If you have a low cut v-neck dress, it is best to have your hair relaxed and loose – whether this means wearing it down or in a low neckline bun is up to you. If you have a high cut wedding dress or sleeves to your dress, we recommend wearing your hair in a classic up-do. However you choose to style your hair, remember that you need to feel comfortable with it: you’ll be wearing it this way all day on the most important day of your life, and your hairstyle will help you feel beautiful and confident, which is so important for bridal portraits.


Make a Plan: Makeup



When you have a consultation with your makeup artist, discuss the overall aesthetic of your wedding. Are you having a wedding with dramatic and moody elements? Have your makeup match the theme and choose a dramatic look to your eyes and lipstick. Are you looking for a natural, whimsical and bohemian event? Have your makeup match and choose a more natural, down to earth approach to your makeup. When your makeup compliments the overall theme of your day, this will help you to feel more comfortable and confident when it comes time for you to have your bridal portraits taken.


Make a Plan: Florals



Every bride knows she will be carrying her bouquet with her during most of her bridal portraits, so there are a few elements to consider when choosing your flowers. First of all, we recommend selecting a bouquet that is easy to carry: if your bouquet is too bulky or heavy, you won’t be comfortable and relaxed when bringing it with you on your shoot. Select a final look that fits with your theme and style and is comfortable for you to carry on the day.

Next, consider if there are floral elements you would like to have incorporated in addition to your bouquet. Would you like to be holding wildflowers to show off your ring? Would succulents contribute to the look of your wedding? Think outside of the box: the florals you bring into your portrait session don’t have to be limited to your bouquet.


How to Pose



Posing for your bridal portrait session doesn’t have to be scary, even if you don’t always feel comfortable behind the camera. Remember your preteen days when you would stand in front of the mirror preparing for your pretend photoshoot? Bring back those memories by finding your favorite physical angles in a full length mirror before your wedding comes. Get to know how you look from certain angles, what you like to see, and keep this in mind while shooting. Let your photographer know your favorite angles of your face and body.

Preparing for your bridal portrait session doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Make it fun by planning ahead and pulling together a look and theme that is consistent with your hair, makeup, dress, florals, and having an awareness of yourself that will reflect to the final photos. Have confidence and remember, you are beautiful!

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