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Charming Savannah Engagement Photos Allison + Nick

July 20, 2016

Charming Savannah Engagement Photos

Engagement sessions are some of the most magical and heartwarming experiences as a photographer and these Savannah engagement photos are one of the best sessions I have ever shot! Each and every couple is so full of love and joy, and this one was no exception. I recently had the privilege of capturing Nick Bulka and Alison Stice’s engagement session, and it’s safe to say they turned out absolutely stunning! This couple just lit up in front of the camera, and you could feel their love from a mile away. Not only are they a great looking couple, but they have such a sweet romance too! Although they live in a warm climate here in Savannah, they actually met during a snowstorm back in college. They ended up meeting at a bar, where they both were trying to warm up during a rather blustery day. The rest? That’s history.


Savannah Engagement Photos

Savannah Engagement Photos

Savannah Engagement Photos

Savannah Engagement Photos

Savannah Engagement Photos

Savannah Engagement Photos

Savannah Engagement Photos

Savannah Engagement Photos

Savannah Engagement Photos

Savannah Engagement Photos





About five years ago, Nick and Alison moved to Savannah, GA to start their lives together, and, as it does for most people, Savannah really grew on them. Between the architecture, the culture, and the history, this beautiful city is full of inspiration and romance, so it was an easy decision for these two lovebirds when it came to the location. After looking around at different photography styles, it became clear to them that film was a style they really loved, so it only made sense that they went with a photographer that specialized in film photography. Springtime in Savannah is one of the most beautiful sights, and Nick and Allison knew immediately that they wanted to wait until Spring rolled around again for their pictures.

The couple decided to shoot in downtown Savannah, which is where they currently work and reside. Downtown Savannah offers a unique charm to it, with plenty of variety and options for backgrounds. The locations were perfect, especially since this beautiful couple can look back and reminisce on the memories they had at these places besides this shoot! From walking under the Spanish moss filled trees to smelling the fragrant spring flowers, these moments jump off the page and come alive. The couple chose to shoot on their street, Forsyth Park, and Pulaski Square. These images are so full of light and vibrance, it’s hard not to get sucked in and feel as though you are peeking into their lives. Normally, taking a photo by the Forsyth Park Fountain can look a bit touristy, but this couple changed my mind and created such a captivating scene that I just couldn’t resist!

While most couples are engaged for about a year or less, Allison and Nick decided to have a longer engagement so that they would have a little less stress when it came to the wedding planning. The couple plans to get married on October 22nd, 2016 at the Savannah Yacht Club. Allison and Nick have been doing a wonderful job so far of planning the wedding themselves, with the help of Allison’s mother of course. The theme of the wedding was described to me as more of a feeling: Southern Fall Nights. Bonfires on the waterfront, oyster roasts, cold beer, dancing under the stars, and moonlit make-outs on the pier are all elements that are so important to these two, and they are hoping to capture that feeling throughout their whole celebration. Wedding planning is definitely something you can’t practice for, but these two have been taking it with full speed, and are on their way to having the perfect day.

While all of the wedding planning and engagement sessions are so exciting, it’s really the love that Allison and Nick share that makes this experience so special. According to Nick, Allison loves to let their pug chase her around the house. Their little pug feels so much tougher than he is, and he loves it. Allison will pick him up and kiss him while the three of them cuddle on the couch. They’ve even made up pug lyrics to their favorite songs for their little guy (which you’ll have to ask them to hear the special renditions). Allison says that Nick has a great sense of humor, which keeps the two laughing and smiling every day. His selfless attitude and generous spirit have kept her falling head over heels for him more and more throughout the years, and they can’t wait to share more and more adventures together throughout their lifetimes.


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