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RailRoad Museum Engagement Photos Jess + Matt

July 26, 2016


RailRoad Museum Engagement Photos


RailRoad Museum Engagement Photos

RailRoad Museum Engagement Photos

RailRoad Museum Engagement Photos

RailRoad Museum Engagement Photos

RailRoad Museum Engagement Photos

forsyth park Engagement Photos

forsyth park Engagement Photos

forsyth park Engagement Photos

forsyth park Engagement Photos


One of the most amazing parts about being in love is having someone by your side who loves you for who you are, and accepts all of your flaws. For Jessica and Matt, this statement holds very true. This lovely couple met in a bar a while back at a social event that neither of them actually wanted to go to! After seeing each other both desperately wanting an out from the gathering, they struck up a conversation with each other and found out that they had a lot in common. Matt and Jessica had lived in the same apartment complex for over a year, but neither of them had realized it, despite Matt walking his dog by Jessica’s apartment every day. They spent hours talking, and it was pretty easy to tell that the two had hit it off.


For the two love birds, their relationship has been full of love, laughter, and adventure. No matter what life throws at them, they are the first ones to cheer each other up and encourage one another to persevere through the trials. According to them, they both agree that there isn’t just one thing that they do for each other that makes them smile, it’s everything they do. Whether its picking up some wine after a long day, or simply listening and supporting each other, this couple truly understands the meaning of partnership, and it’s easy to see their unconditional love through everything they do.


Jessica and Matt have been living in Savannah for a little while now, and they got engaged while in St Augustine, FL. Savannah has become their little home, and it truly captures their love story just right. After deciding on a photographer, the two decided to take their engagement photos over at the Georgia State Railroad museum, due to its unique architecture and landscape. They also happened to get some shots over at the picturesque Forsyth Park, which just so happens to be the location of their second date. This shoot took place on May 13th, 2016, which marks one year before their wedding date, which makes the timing so special.


As far as picking out the outfits for this session, Jessica described it as the most stressful part of the shoot. She is a self-proclaimed “non shopper”, but happened to go from store to store before deciding on her two dresses. They both went for complimentary colors, as not to clash, and made sure that they both looked in tip top shape for the shoot. According to Matt, Jessica was the deciding force on wardrobe, to which she explained that she only said he, unfortunately, couldn’t wear his Jaws boat shoes.


The couple got engaged on March 12, 2016, which equates to a 14-month engagement. So far, they have solidified their venue and photographer, which has been a huge relief for them. Red Gate Farms will be the main venue for the big day, and Matt and Jessica have greatly appreciated their help so far in the wedding planning process. Within the first four months of their engagement, they have been able to secure most of the big vendors for the wedding, which has been a huge blessing. These two soon-to-be-weds are thrilled to be planning their chic, bohemian wedding, and would like to thank their families (in particular, parents), as well as the members of the bridal party for their continual support during this process.  


Without spoiling too much, Jessica has had a wonderful experience in the search for her perfect wedding dress. With the help of her future mother in law, and her two bridesmaids, Shauna and Lindsey, she was able to find her dress on the first try! Now of course, she did take her time to check around with her Maid of Honor, Genna, before committing two months later, but Jessica is absolutely ecstatic to have found such a stunning dress for their wedding. She is sure it’s the one, and can’t wait for Matt to see her in it!


Now, of course, the wedding planning is an exciting experience, but the real celebration of the day will be for Jessica and Matt, and the love that they have for each other. The happy couple believes that married life will be an adventure, and a wild ride, characterized by never-ending inside jokes, use of expressions and not words, and a ridiculous amount of love. It was such a pleasure to work with them, and I am honored that they chose me to help capture their love and joy.


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