Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Wedding Album

Now that the wedding is all done, all of the presents have been opened, and you’ve come back from your romantic honeymoon with your new spouse, the waiting game for the photos to come back has started to sink in. Although you remember the day clearly through your own eyes, it is still such a magical time to finally get all of those beautiful images back and reminisce on how wonderful your wedding was. So many couples get their photos delivered digitally only, and then just share them on social media, and that’s that. While there is nothing wrong with that, you really miss out on the joys of having a physical memento of your day. You may ask- what’s so special about having an album? I have my computer to look at them with. Well, let’s take a look at why you may find an album to be especially rewarding:

1. You’ll Be Following Tradition

In this day and age, technology is soaring, You can get just about everything electronically: from textbooks, to music, even bills are accessible on the internet! It feels as though we have forgotten about the world where we needed physical copies of things. When your mother and her mother got married, they didn’t have the option to get their wedding photos delivered on a computer screen. Printed images were the only way to have copies of the memories captured on that day. They probably even went full out and made big, elaborate scrapbooks, with each page decorated differently. Now of course, you don’t have to go quite as full out if you don’t want to, but there’s just something about flipping through a scrapbook with physical copies of each memory that is just so reminiscent and nostalgic. Photos have always been intended for print, and these photos especially deserve to be seen in their intended state.

2. You Could Make a Night Out of It

What better way to celebrate your magical day of love than with your new spouse, flipping through your brand new wedding album? Dim the lights, light a few candles, pour yourselves each a glass of wine, and snuggle up on the couch together. Put on your favorite romantic music and enjoy getting to relive your big day with your husband or wife. Just imagine getting to see all of your photos in their intended state, all organized just right, and remembering how sweet and romantic your wedding was? Nothing could be more romantic than this, and it usually winds up to be a sweet, intimate moment with your new spouse.

3. It Makes for a Timeless Keepsake

Whether you are planning on having kids or not, having a physical copy of all of your images will make for a wonderful family heirloom. While we would all like to believe that our computers hold all of our information glitch free, there are no guarantees, and having that physical copy will ensure that your memories stay permanent. And down the road, you will be able to reminisce for years to come with your husband and family. One day, if you are planning on having kids, it will be such an exciting time to show them the day that their parents got married, and all of the love and magic that ensued. Kids nowadays have forgotten how special a physical book can be, and being able to pass along the memories to them is something neither you or they will ever forget.

4. It’s a Lot Easier Than You think

Many couples give me a variety of excuses for why they are skipping out on a wedding album, but the main reason always seems to be “It’s too much work”. A wedding album may seem a bit intimidating, but don’t fret. It’s so much easier than you could expect! Now, if you decide to have the album made by you, there are a few things to keep in mind. For starters, make sure you have the correct resolution for the size image you want. A lot of times the couple uploads the photos in the wrong resolution, and then when the album comes back, the images are fuzzy or blurry. Or maybe you are nervous about actually planning the album. What photos should you start with? Do you do it chronologically? Or based on preference? What size album? All of these choices can seem overwhelming. The best advice I can give is to have an album made with the original photographer that shot your wedding. This ensures that you get the best quality images, in a great album, and with all of the kinks squared away. Your photographer should be pretty experienced in this, and will do a great job so that you have less stress, and a beautiful keepsake.


Finally getting your wedding photos after a much anticipated wait is such a rewarding and beautiful time. You spent so much time and energy planning out a beautiful day, that it’s only fair for your photos to be displayed as beautifully as possible. Whether you decide to just have the one copy for yourself, or multiple copies to give as gifts for family, your special day can be captured and shown off in the most beautiful and sentimental way possible. For generations to come, you will be able to remember and celebrate the love and joy of your magical day, and what could be better than that?

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