Wedding Photos FAQ


Are You Available For Travel?
I love to travel, in fact, I shoot an average of 5 weddings outside of Savannah every year. Destination spots are limited, please contact me for more information.

Where can I view your pricing?
In case you missed it, my packages and pricing can be viewed on the following pages: Photography prices and Videography prices.

If we hire you for both wedding photos and videos who does what?
When couples hire us to perform both services, I (Vitor Lindo) am the photographer and Bryan is normally our main videographer. We also bring along second shooters if the package includes it.

Do I get a discount for hiring you guys for wedding photo and video services?
I don’t offer any discounts but I do offer some freebies. Like a free engagement session or extra pages on your album!

What’s the booking process?
First, we find the perfect package for you, then I send you a Docusign contract  where you can sign the contract online. Lastly,  I request your 50% deposit. I accept credit cards, checks or paypal. The remainder 50% is due 30 days before the wedding.

Do you work same sex weddings?
Yes! I believe in marriage equality for all. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

Are there any extras fees?
If you have a beach wedding there is a $100 equipment cleaning fee due to sand and salt. Also, for videography, if your wedding ceremony is longer than 25 minutes there is a $200 fee for the extra running time of your film. Sales tax is added to the final price of any package.

We are not getting married in Savannah, can we still hire you?
Yes you can! Our travel fee ranges from only $300 to $1500. This will depend on the distance of the wedding, the amount of crew members and the number of days we need to cover.

What if I want to cancel my wedding?
Should you decide to cancel your wedding, the retainer given is non-refundable. Should you decide to re-schedule the Wedding, we will accommodate this rescheduling if our calendar is open for the rescheduled date. This rescheduling fee is 25%. If our calendar is not open for the rescheduled date the deposit is still non-refundable.

What if you guys get sick and can’t shoot my wedding?
Once the contract is signed and the deposit is received, your are guaranteed our presence at your wedding. We will make every good faith effort to take your wedding photos even in the event of sickness. Should we not be able to be present at the your wedding due to serious injury, we are responsible for finding a qualified replacement and paying for their fee.


Why should I do an engagement session?
There are a plethora of reasons to have an engagement session. Firstly, because it’s the best way to break the ice with your photographer, and assure that you look more comfortable on your wedding photos. It will give you the chance to see how we work and we will be able to see what poses make you guys feel the most comfortable. Engagement photos are also used to send out “save the date” cards, print canvases for your wedding reception, create slide shows to be played on your wedding day and many other uses. In addition to all that, engagement photos are a classy way to announce your wedding plans. Much better than just posting on Facebook. Please keep in mind that engagement sessions are a complimentary service we “gift” to you. It is our way of saying thank you for trusting in us or your wedding day. And therefore, not choosing to use this “gift” will not reduce the cost of your wedding package.

What if we don’t live in Savannah and we can’t come to you for an engagement session?
Well, don’t worry about that! A few couples every year fly me to their cities and we capture their engagement session there. I normally only stay one night at a hotel which clients provide. Along with air fare and a $450 travel fee.

When should we have the engagement session?
We advise couples to have their session at least 6 months before the wedding. Sessions are only available on weekdays.

What should we wear?
Engagement sessions are a great excuse to go shopping. We can suggest outfits to you and give you some tips such as: wear neutral colors, try to find colors that will complement each others outfits and not match each others outfits. Another great tip is to get your hair and make up trial done on the day of the engagement session. Click here for a full blog post on what to wear!

We are very shy in front of the cameras, can you help us? 
Of course! It is our job to make you feel at ease in front of our cameras and we will do our best to deliver wedding photos that make you look comfortable. Please read this blog post on posing and it will help you get a better idea of what to expect from us.

Will you help us find a location?
Of course! We are very familiar with Savannah and we love taking couples to Forsyth park, Jones St, Tybee Island and Wormsloe.

How many outfits should I bring?
We normally suggest just one outfit. If you have a practical way of getting changed then a second outfit can be accommodated. A great way to do this is by using layers. This is a great way to achieve variety on your photos.

How long do the sessions last?
Most sessions are around one hour long.

Can we bring our parents, kids, dogs, props?
We advise against bringing any of those! As you can see from our work, our engagement sessions rarely include anything other than the couples. This allows us to concentrate on photographing just you guys and capturing your love.

When do we receive the photos?
Most of our engagement sessions are shot on film and we are limited by the delivery time of our lab. The estimated time for delivery is four weeks. The rush order fee is $100 and will shorten the delivery window to one week.

Why should I print my photos with you?
Why not? It only makes sense to print your photos with the artist who created them. We will take the utmost care with our own work and we only use the best labs in the nation. Using Groupon or other low end printing choices will lead to prints that may look nothing like what you see on your computer screen. We have had many clients call us asking for printing help because they need to print a canvas for their reception but their Groupon prints are taking months to arrive from low end labs in China. Don’t make the same mistakes.


Do you suggest any vendors?
We have a list of vendors that we suggest to every bride. Please visit this page to view them.

Should I do a first look?
Absolutely. First looks are the very best thing you can do to ensure great wedding photos. It allows us so much more time to get all the photos you need. It also gives us a back up plan in case of rain. We will have more time to capture your wedding photos more calmly before the ceremony. I highly encourage it. You can also read this blog post “How a first look can safe your wedding day”. It will show you all the scenarios where a first look can improve your wedding photos tremendously.

Can you help us with the timeline?
Absolutely! Please visit this blog post which will help you create an amazing wedding timeline!

Can we do a venue walk-though?
Of course! We can meet you at the venue and go over any questions you have months before the wedding.

Should I do a “fake exit”?
A fake exit is a great way to still capture your sparkler exit but doing it at an earlier part of the evening. Most couples don’t hire us to stay until the end of the wedding day. We normally finish working after the cake is cut so sometimes couples do a fake exit to still capture it on camera. After we capture the fake exit, you and your guests go back inside and continue with the festivities.


 We are very shy in front of the cameras, can you help us? 
Of course! It is our job to make you feel at ease in front of our cameras and we will do our best to deliver wedding photos that make you look comfortable. Please read this blog post on posing for your wedding day. It will help you get a better idea of what to expect from us.

What time will you arrive? 
We normally arrive around 30 minutes before our scheduled time.

In the morning off the wedding, how can I get a hold of you? 
My cellphone, 912-604-1544

What if it rains on my wedding day? 
Under no circumstances can we shoot outdoors in extreme inclement weather, due to the nature of our equipment and/or for the safety of our crew. In the event that the weather takes a turn for the worse, it will be the sole discretion of the lead crew member whether recording/photography can take place, depending upon the amount of moisture getting on the equipment. In the event that there is a borderline situation in heaviness of rain, we ask for your understanding that the final product may consist of less footage/photos than was originally intended. The payments rendered are non-refundable if poor weather or force majeure prevents us from working.

When do you guys eat dinner? 
We require a quality meal during dinner, under no circumstances can we eat sub-standard “vendor-meals,” please relay this to your planner and/or venue, feeding the crew is an often forgotten detail which leads to a hungry and sluggish crew. The crew works very hard for the client during the entire day and it is our policy to ask the client to provide the crew with a quality dinner.

My venue has some restrictions, what do we do? 
It is the responsibility of the client to secure permission of the venue or other officials to photograph the ceremony. The payments rendered are non-refundable if such officials prevent photographing or force us to shoot from really far away. The client understands that if a venue limits our placement and movement of camera then the quality and artistry of the final product can and will be impacted.


 When do we receive the wedding photos and/or video?
Delivery is guaranteed to be within 90 days of the wedding. However this depends on the season. Winter and early Spring weddings normally receive their wedding photos and videos earlier.

Why should I purchase an album?
Viewing photos on the computer and flipping through them on an album are two completely different experiences. Let Vitor design your album for you, don’t trust those Groupon deals for low-end album companies who don’t offer design. Most of them deliver albums with poor print quality and will not compare with a professionally designed album printed by a world renowned printing lab in New York. Vitor only uses the best materials and labs in the country. Purchasing an album with Vitor will save you time, money and give you the piece of mind of knowing your wedding photos will be treated with the care they deserve by the artist who created them.

Will you do a blog post about our wedding?
Not all weddings go up on our blog. This depends on the amount of work we have at any given time.

How can we share the wedding photos and/or videos with our friends?
We will upload an online gallery with your photos where you can share with everyone. This gallery will allow them to order prints as well.