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How A First Look Can Save Your Wedding Day

March 9, 2016

See why 90% of our couples do a first look

I know you must have heard some people mention a first look. Perhaps a friend of yours did it and loved it and told you that it was a great idea. Well, that friend is right! First looks have become so incredibly popular especially with outdoor weddings. But before I tell you why you MUST do a first look, lets quickly go over what it is.

A first look is when after the bride and groom are fully ready and see each other before the ceremony. This is planned ahead of time and is normally done away from friends and family. This is an intimate moment between the bride and groom and perfect time to cry away so the bride can retouch her make up before the ceremony.


How a first look can save your wedding day:

It really, truly, magnificently can save your wedding day! Trust me!. I could just stop writing here. This should be reason enough but I understand many couples are more traditional and wish to see each other for the first time during the ceremony. This is completely understandable. We can work with that, but for example, a first look can save your photos in case of rain after the ceremony. What if your wedding day is going great then a deluge happens right after your ceremony? How will you get photos done? What if your ceremony starts 30 minutes late because the officiant got food poisoning? Or what if there was an accident on the road and half the wedding guests are stuck on I-95? All these are good reasons to have a first look and guarantee good photos before the ceremony. After all, most ceremonies end close to sunset and nobody wants photos in the dark. This is how a first look can save your wedding day!

When do we do a first look?

First looks are normally done after the bride and bridesmaids have finished their make up. This way, we can get as many photos as possible done before the ceremony. Right after the first look, we would do the bridal party portraits as well. This way, after the ceremony all we need to do is the family formals and a second round of photos.

What if I don’t want to have a first a look?

This is not a problem. Again, this is a very personal decision that the couple makes together. I would suggest making it for the right decision and for what is most beneficial for your wedding. I personally have “saved” two weddings were the bride and groom did not want to do a first look. However, I convinced them to do one. Lo and behold, rain on the wedding day. Both couples and their families thanked me during the whole day. Because we had planned for a first look, we were all calm and tranquil as we knew we were ready for any problems.

Need more reasons on how a first look can same your wedding day?

No problem! So, if you are not yet convinced. Here are some more reasons. You get to enjoy more if not most of your cocktail hour! Because you already did most of your photos before the ceremony and you only have a few family photos to capture afterwards. You can also use this time for more photos at a secondary location, or to get changed into your reception dress, or touch up your make up or enjoy a snack with your new hubby!

Lastly, I want to say that no matter what you choose to do. Being organized and having a good solid timeline that allows for unexpected events and delays is very important. Remember to not squeeze every minute of your timeline and have plenty of room to move things around on your wedding day.

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