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Wedding Poses

Wedding Poses For The Fine Art Bride

Wedding Poses can sometimes be scary. As a wedding Photographer I know many of my bride and grooms can be shy or nervous on their wedding day. So I wrote this blog post to explain a bit more about what to expect on your wedding day. Don’t; worry if this seems daunting, as you will see, most poses are just a variation of basic positions. It’s not easy standing in front of a camera on the biggest day of your life. Sometimes it’s hot outside and you are sweating under your dress or suit. Or worse, it’s raining or the wedding is behind schedule and we need to hurry and take the photos very quickly. Well, the good news is that although this is probably your first time getting in front of a camera, I have encountered almost every situation imaginable.

I’ve met shy brides, wild grooms, deluges, power outages, drunk uncles and everything in between so I can handle anything your wedding day can throw at me. You are in good hands and I will always be there to talk you through the best and most comfortable wedding poses. On this post, I’m going to show you examples of my favorite wedding poses. Poses that I do at every single wedding. These are the basis of my repertoire and they can be applied to almost every situation. This simple guide will show you the progression of how I handle most couples on the wedding day.

On your wedding day, we will start with simple poses first, and as you both get more comfortable we will start getting more elaborate with our wedding poses. I always try to keep in mind what a Photographer once told me, “the goal is to capture reactions, not actions.”

Prom Poses

As you can see from the photo examples, there are the easiest poses to start with. These are poses that you are familiar with and are great ice breakers. Most of the times I just ask the couple to stand close together in a comfortable way and look at the camera. Here, all I’m trying to do is get them comfortable. I want to get them used to interacting with me and with the camera.

wedding poses

Walking Poses

These are pretty simple. I have a few variations but it’s mostly just the couple walking towards or away from the camera. I normally ask the couple to look at each other or at the camera. Here I’m hoping for a big laugh or gentle motion of the bride’s hair. It’s also a great way for the groom to appear very masculine and strut his stuff!

wedding poses wedding poses

Face To Face Poses

These are most assuredly my preferred wedding poses. We normally work up to these because I want the couple to be really comfortable in front of the camera. I want them to drop their guard, their insecurities and melt in front of me. I normally give cues like: hold each other and breathe deeply, think about the first time you kissed, think about the first time you met. Here I am trying to show all the intimacy I can. Their love needs to be self evident, their closeness apparent, and their connection undeniable. I take most of my photos in this pose. I feel like because the couple is looking into each other’s eyes they drop their guard and show me their real selves. It’s awe inspiring every time I see how connected these two people really are.

wedding poses

Kissing Poses

I don’t do these with every couple. Believe it or not, we all look very funny when we kiss! Normally what I am trying to accomplish here is the moment right before the kiss, or right after the kiss. At these moments our facial muscles we are relaxed, and we are not tensing up our lips to lean in. These are extremely intimate moments that yield tremendous results! Super sexy and definitely one of my favorite wedding poses!

wedding poses  wedding poses

Romantico Poses

I named these poses the “romantico” because they harken back to an era where things were more formal. I truly almost never do these. They can come off as very cheesy if they are not done correctly. However when done correctly (usually in controlled environment like in a styled shoot) they can be extremely effective. They slow down the process of Photography and allow the couples to enjoy each others company. They can have a very strong Fine-Art feel to them. But it’s hit or miss. Sometimes it’s amazing and sometimes its looks awful.

wedding poses  wedding poses  wedding poses

Fine Art Poses

The hardest of all wedding poses. These are really reserved for couples who are extremely comfortable in front of the camera. They tend to have a more subdued demeanor and a quiet confidence, like a runway model. These poses often include doing what I call “the rich face,” or the “I’m hungry face.” We use very subtle movements and gentle hands. We are “live sculpting” as I call it. This pretty much sums up the work of any professional model. Don’t be fooled though. It may seem funny but these are the hardest poses to do and I only do it with some couples.

wedding poses   wedding poses    wedding poses

Laughing Poses

These are really easy to do. I normally like to keep it pretty light during the session and I can get anyone laughing very quickly. A lot of the times I also get brides and grooms joking with each other and making each other laugh. This makes it even easier. Now, if a couple is really shy, I might ask one of them to whisper something sexy in the other person’s ear. That gets a big reaction right away!

wedding poses     wedding poses

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