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The Southern Charm of The Mackey House Wedding Venue

October 5, 2021

Welcome to the Southern Charm of The Mackey House!

Looking for a historic and picturesque spot to tie the knot? The Mackey House has got your back! 

The Mackey House is the epitome of old Southern elegance and charm. Adorned with majestic 200-year-old oak trees, this plantation property is the ideal setting for your Savannah nuptials.

In this article, we will review the Mackey House to enable you to make an informed decision regarding your choice of wedding venue. In addition, we will explore the venue’s features and amenities.

About The Mackey House

Tucked away beneath the shade of Savannah, Georgia’s famed oak trees, The Mackey House stands on Red Gate Farms, a family-owned business since 1931. 

With its roots running deep in Savannah’s history, The Mackey House hosts weddings, corporate events, and social events that show Southern tradition and modern elegance.

The Mackey House is a Colonial mansion with antique decor, a deck that overlooks the entire venue, and a timeless beauty that unfolds before every guest. 

Its 440 acres of diverse property, including an open-air pavilion, a lush garden, and lakeside views, create a dream-like venue for any occasion. 

At The Mackey House, you have private and exclusive use of the venue, so you can transform the entire property into your own one-of-a-kind event.

Although hidden in the countryside, The Mackey House is less than ten minutes from downtown Savannah. 

With hundreds of restaurants, hotels, boutiques, historical sites, and art museums flooding its cobblestone streets, Savannah is a charming city to entertain guests that will leave them with unique memories.

Services And Offerings

Think of your wedding day as setting the stage for an extraordinary life with your partner. The Mackey House is known for getting couples’ details down perfectly. This venue offers the following services:

● Anniversary/engagement party

● Baby shower

● Bachelor / bachelorette party

● Birthday party

● Bridal shower

● Charity event

● Corporate event

● Product launch

● Elopement / vow renewal

● Family reunion

● Holiday party

● LGBT weddings

● Reunion

● Social even

● Wedding ceremony

● Wedding reception

Celebration Locations


Connected directly to the Colonial Style home. Covered by a sizeable see-through tent with a light-up, pool-covered dance floor. It can be closed off and climate-controlled. 

● View: The back deck overlooks the Garden and Pavilion, with fairy lights covering the property.

● Max capacity: 140 people

The Garden

Surrounded by hundred-year-old oak trees and seasonally planted flowers. Covered in fairy lights with speakers mounted to the trees allowing announcements and music to be heard throughout. 

● View: Lights galore with beautiful, rustic furniture and swings placed evenly between our Back Deck and Pavilion.

● Max capacity: 300 people

The Pavilion

Thoroughly heated and air-conditioned with a wood-burning fireplace. It can be used for either Ceremony or Reception. Contains 2 restrooms that are available for the entire event. 

● View: Gently placed against the side of the beautiful woods. Look out into the garden and up to the back deck.

● Max capacity: 180 people

Oak Grove

Walking distance from The Mackey House is the enchanting oak grove, home to 300-year-old oak trees and offering a mystical, open-air experience for you and your guests. 

Oak trees are specific to the South, and they put the finishing touch on any Savannah event. 

Hold a company picnic, say your vows, or take photos beneath the embracing arms of the majestic oak trees for a truly captivating setting.


The Mackey House is a destination for Savannah-style weddings and events.

Capturing the romance of the low country, the venue features indoor and outdoor spaces for every type of event. The following are some amenities in this venue to support your occasion:

● Bridal suite

● Changing rooms on site

● WiFi

● Ample parking onsite

● Dining chairs 

● Dining tables onsite 

● Restrooms

Wrapping Up

The Mackey House is a unique event space with something new and different to be discovered at every turn as you wander throughout its 440 acres. 

When hosting an event at The Mackey House, you will enjoy private, exclusive use of the entire venue, including the house and deck, garden, pavilion, and lakeside. 

Are you passionate about hosting your wedding at the Southern Charm of The Mackey House? We’ve been one of the official wedding photographers of The Mackey House for the last 9 years, and we are here to help make your dream wedding come true.

Thank you for reading our quick review of The Southern Charm of The Mackey House Wedding Venue, Savannah, GA.

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