Curious Wedding Facts from Around the Globe

Curious Wedding Facts from Around the Globe

Curious Wedding Facts from Around the Globe



Each culture has its own peculiarities and when it comes to weddings, they can get pretty intense. Here are some curious wedding facts from around the globe so you can be inspired by this beautiful diversity and maybe implement some of their traditions into your own wedding!


An old Scottish tradition is to tie up the brides on trees and their friends and family throw lots of disgusting things at her. Similar tradition happens in Brazil where eggs, flour, dirt and other things are thrown at the bride.


Chinese Tujia brides have to cry for one hour every day thirty days before getting married. Ten days after, the mother should also cry every day. Ten more days later, the grandmother does the same. By the end of the month all women in the family cry alongside the bride.


In Fiji, the groom to be men needs to ask his future father-in-law for his daughter’s hand in marriage and he also needs to bring a whale tooth to him.


In southern Sudan, the Neur’s tribe believe the marriage is not complete until the woman has two children. If she doesn’t comply, the husband can file for divorce.


In Mongolia, in order to set the date of the wedding, the bride and groom need to kill a chick holding the knife together. If the chick’s liver is healthy, they are allowed to set a date. If not, they have to repeat the process until they find a chick with a healthy liver.


In Kenya, it is not uncommon to see the bride’s father bless his daughter by spitting on her head and breasts before letting her leave the village with her new husband.


The brides in Egypt are literally pinched by other females on her wedding day. It said to give her good luck.

Middle East

To defend themselves from the evil eye, Middle Eastern brides draw their hands and feet with henna.


In Moroccan, the brides immerse their bodies in milk to purify themselves before the ceremony.

Far East

In the Orient eyebrows are considered extremely attractive, so historically the bride’s eyebrows were fully shaved, making her unable to attract other men.


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