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How to Get The Best “Getting Ready” Wedding Pictures

April 27, 2016

How to Get The Best “Getting Ready” Wedding Pictures


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While your wedding day is guaranteed to be full of beautiful moments, couples everywhere have been taking advantage of the precious time before the ceremony to take some “getting ready” wedding pictures. If done right, these photos can turn out to be absolutely breathtaking, and will make looking back on the day just that much more special. Many couples get so caught up in the idea of having these photos, but don’t know much about what to do to make them look perfect. We’ve compiled a list of the top tips to secure gorgeous “getting ready” wedding pictures, and even make your big day a little smoother.


1. Prepping for “Prep”

While “getting ready” shots are all about the prep work, you need to make sure a few things are prepared ahead of time so that the shots look clean! When selecting a room, make sure it is open with lots of natural light. A cramped room is going to make it difficult for everyone involved, and no one wants excess drama on this day. Natural light will help to create a calming atmosphere, as well as showcase everything you want photographed in the most romantic way possible. Oh, and schedule your photographer to come in one to two hours before you are completely ready. This gives you some time to be in the perfect “getting ready” stage, as well as allow them the time to capture the necessary shots without being rushed.


2. Make Sure the Room is Neat and Orderly

In the midst of everything going on, the last thing on the bride’s mind is picking up after her and the other bridesmaids while getting ready. But let’s face it, you aren’t going to want pictures of clutter and trash surrounding the dress. If needed, delegate some of your party to maintaining a clean environment. Organize makeup, hair products, and any other items you will be using to look picture perfect. Not only will this help the wedding pictures to turn out flawless, but it will help keep you as the bride a little more sane!


3. Organization is Key

When the photographer comes, you aren’t going to want to have to explain where everything is amidst the chaos. The best thing to do is to have a table where you place everything you want photographed. Jewelry, rings, shoes, dress, veil, etc. This will ensure that you get the photos you want, and will also help you to keep track of everything yourself! We highly recommend getting a ring box for the ring(s), as it will create a beautiful setting, as well as keeping it in perfect condition. If you want to have a bit more delicacy in your shots, adding some loose flowers on the table is always a nice touch as well!


4. Have Your Party Looking Fabulous

As much as we’ve stressed making sure the room itself is clean, you need to have your people looking their best too! Although tank tops and leggings are the normal uniform for getting ready, it’s best that your girls are looking presentable and put together. Many brides opt to get matching robes for the big day, in which case make sure they are steamed! Nothing looks worse than a beautiful robe that is all wrinkled and ragged. You want to ensure that everyone is photographed in their best light, and trust us, they will thank you later!

“Getting Ready” wedding pictures are some of the prettiest shots taken on the day, and really allow for the couple to be able to look back later on and reminisce on every detail of their day. Using the above steps will not only help the photographer and their team, but many of these will be useful practices in general to allow less stress. Stressed out brides are never a good idea, so let’s make the process smooth and pain free!

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