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Crisp and Fresh Indian Wedding Home Décor Ideas for 2021

July 27, 2021

Crisp and Fresh Indian Wedding Home Décor Ideas for 2021 

Do you want to arrange an Indian wedding at home? Are you looking for Indian home wedding decoration ideas? 

If yes, keep on reading… 

Not everybody wants to do weddings at hotels and resorts; instead, some people want to preserve the warmth and love of weddings by celebrating these functions at home. 

However, getting the decorations done for any other cultured wedding may be easy, but Indian wedding decorations demand dedication, enthusiasm, and creativity, according to their Indian wedding traditions.

On the other hand, when you are doing all the setup at home, you have to consider hundreds if not thousands of things according to your home space. 

The decorations don’t have to be stressful at all. In fact, organizing a wedding at home is a beautiful way to share your intimate experience in your very own personal space. 

Definitely, the right decor will perfectly carry out your wedding theme and embellish the venue. 

However, browsing the plethora of wedding home decoration ideas makes it hard to pin down the best idea according to your style. Plus, if you are living outside India, holding traditional weddings could be tough and challenging. 

No need to fret! 

To make sure you will have a fantastic experience without facing stress and encountering plenty of vague suggestions available on the internet, we have compiled a list of ideas that are creative, pocket-friendly, and require less effort for your Indian wedding. 

So, Let’s Begin!! 

How to Decorate your House/Home for Indian Weddings? 

Here are some of the foolproof ideas of decoration for making your Indian home weddings unforgettable: 

No Sitting Area? Lounge it! 

If you have a lounge at home, this idea is for you! 

Offer your guests many seating options within your lounge area. The up and incoming seating trend is to mismatch that could be easily achievable at your wedding venue. 

Some rental event companies also offer lounge chairs and couches to improve your reception space. Also, you may have alternative furniture available to use for the decoration. 

Before decorating, think of your lounge area as an extension of your Indian wedding theme. 

Furthermore, you can enhance your home space by using thoughtful accents like putting textured counterpanes, printed pillows, and blankets to invite your guests to sit together when they are not dancing. 

String Light to Your Lowlight! 

If you are looking for a romantic Indian wedding theme, create a romantic aura with the help of good old string lights hanging from the ceilings of your venue space. 

If you are hosting an outdoor wedding, you can interweave the lights by utilizing the trees and branches for fanciful vibes. 

Lightning is one of the biggest Indian wedding trends in 2021, so you can consider it without overlooking it. 

Decorate it with neon signs, sacrificial candles, or even tea lights, which can make your welcome’s visual aesthetic that’ll indeed transform your space. 

Also, you can rent out the overhead lights from a local dealer, or you can buy affordable sets of lights from the local hardware shop to create your own DIY project.

Simplicity is the Keynote to True Elegance! 

Since it’s an Indian wedding, you may be thinking of filling it with decoration items. But you are wrong here. 

When it comes to wedding decoration, less is more! 

Table centerpieces are an essential component of your wedding venue, but they could be overwhelming if they are not in proportion to space.

Delicate vases, simple floral clusters, table runners, and candles can serve as valuable centerpieces. 

So, when you are planning your Indian wedding decorations, be mindful of your home space and how the centerpieces can enhance it.

Rug Up Your Space! 

For Indian wedding decoration ideas that feel fresh, think from the bottom up literally. 

You might not believe it, but your floor venue can significantly impact the overall vibe of your space. 

You can layer the printed and colored rugs on top of each other in your lounge area or at the entrance. To carry out the theme in a way that’ll look intentional and practical, choose the rugs that fit the color scheme.

Colored Glassware to Complement Your Theme 

Here is the trick, rather than spending all of your decoration budgets on the centerpieces, consider renting out very affordable colored glassware. It’ll make all your tables pop without putting a lot of your efforts involved. 

Colorful Pom-Pom for the Mehndi Function 

Who says that only Indian wedding functions need proper decorations? 

Pre-functions like Mehndi may also require your full attention and effort. 

But, if you don’t want to invest in expensive decorations, try different sizes of pom-poms that can be placed casually on the same strings. 

Simple and easy, yet they’ll look amazing.

Reuse Your Grandma’s Trunks and Vintage Clocks 

It’s time to retreat all your grandma’s trunks and paint them with your favorite colors. 

Plus, if you have some vintage clocks, now is the time to use them, or you can use your old vases and bottles and decorate them with flowers—indeed, the cutest Indian wedding decoration idea among all.

Wrap-Up Your Ceilings with Colorful Drapes! 

If you are underestimating the power of fabric for your home decorations, think again! 

The ceilings which are draped can add a glamorous lavishness hint to your home space. 

Rusting looks are quite popular, so use the string lights on the top of the fabric to throw a soft glow. 

Keep your drapes colored or formal by using white drapes, and this decoration idea will surely be an attention grabber without taking a lot of your time and effort. 

Wishing Tree For Your Memories 

In the times of a wedding, members of the family and bride end up going through the old memories and old albums pages. 

So to keep this tradition alive, use the empty notes and deck up

your past images in different corners of your home. 

Let your visitors and relatives leave the notes on the wishing tree, which can be used in your scrapbook later. 

Paper Flowers for Your Beautiful Giant Drops 

We all made paper flowers in our art class in school, so it’s time to use your art skills and be a little crafty and artsy by creating the perfect color’s flowers for matching your event’s vibe. 

Giant paper flowers are super trending and look beautiful if you put them on your home walls.

Old Sarees to the Rescue! 

Do you have your old grandma and mommy Saree at hand? Then why not add a little emotion to your decoration? 

You will surely get the best feelings on your marriage using those old sarees to make cushions or other decoration pieces to incorporate in Indian wedding decorations. 

Origamis Could Never Go Out of Fashion. 

Revert to your childhood and use your origami-making skills to make beautiful hand decor items at home. 

Just pick the glace papers in any two colors of your choice and make the paper cranes out of them. 

You just need to sew the Origamis into a string and hang them around your home venue.

Dream Catchers for Your Dreamy Weddings 

If you are into doing your small weddings in your garden, you just need to dangle the dream catchers to make a dreamlike space for your perfect marriage. 

Dream catchers are DIY-able and will look amazing on the outdoor decor.

Paper Lanterns for that Extra Quirk 

Don’t we all love these pretty ball-like structured paper lanterns? 

Especially when they are soaked in such magnificent hues. 

You can absolutely consider them for your home Indian wedding decor. 

Lit Your Indian Wedding Decorations With Candles! 

Candles are the most underrated decoration item when it comes to wedding decor. 

Create moments and create peace and drama between the wedding chaos and madness by using the corner full of candles. 

Many good points may persuade you to add them to your Indian wedding decoration ideas. 

So now, it’s your time to explore the most from your home wedding decoration.

Add Rustic Charm Using Old Boxes 

Have you ever thought of adding old boxes to your intimate Indian wedding decoration? 

You may not believe it, but with such painted boxes, your intimate wedding will look stunning. 

If they are dyed in pastel hues, they can immediately tug the heartstrings of anyone. 

Also, you can paint them in your favorite colors to take your decoration setup to another level. 

You can add little decorative pieces to make it look cuter.


We are genuinely hopeful that these ideas can make a memorable and gorgeous setup for your Indian wedding at home. 

Now, it’s up to you to create your own DIY decoration or hire an Indian Wedding Planner.

Also, you will be busy with many other wedding stuff as well, so you can create a timeline for your decoration to-do list. 

Your intimate Home Indian wedding efforts are incomplete without good photos and videos. 

So if you want to capture your Indian wedding decoration properly and capture your precious memories, contact us now!

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