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The 4 Best Places For Photography Sessions Outside Of Savannah

August 8, 2016

The 4 Best Places For Photography Sessions Outside Of Savannah


Whether you are new to Savannah, or have lived here for a while now, it’s hard to get around and see all of the beautiful places around it. We are located in the perfect position to make a day trip out to some really great places, yet still be back in time for dinner. While Savannah is filled with so many wonderful backdrops for your engagement session (see here for our top picks), sometimes we are looking for something a little different, and want to expand our horizons and venture out to new and unique places. We’ve compiled a list of the top four best places to take engagement photos that are outside of Savannah, and I’m sure that you will find them just as charming and picturesque as we do!


1.Driftwood Beach at Jekyll Island

Located just about an hour and a half from Downtown Savannah, Driftwood Beach at Jekyll Island is one of the most unique, yet picturesque beaches in the south. If you are looking for some coastal engagement photos that aren’t cliché, you can’t go wrong with Driftwood Beach. Between the calm, rolling waves and the soft sand, you’ll get your beachy fix, but the huge architectural driftwood will set them apart, and create a really nice back drop for your romantic engagement session. The wood definitely adds a bit of interest that most venues just can’t offer. If you want to capture that perfect romantic lighting, I’d recommend going at sunrise or sunset. The way that the light shines through the wood and on to the sand is practically straight out of a movie, and, of course, the colors are just breathtaking. Plus, what’s more romantic than a sunrise/sunset stroll on the beach with the love of your life?


2.Tybee Island


tybee island engagement photos

For more of your typical, coastal feel, you can’t go wrong with Tybee Island.  From the sweet, calming tides on the beach, to the cute, vintage like shops along the streets, there’s just something so quaint and charming about the area. Whether you decide to go the beach route and take your photos by the sand, or walk along the shore and see the sights and scenes on land, both routes will lead to beautiful photos. As far as Tybee Island goes, your best bet is to go during the week, since the tourist crowd will be at a minimum. As with Driftwood Beach, dawn or dusk is a great time to go, especially since you can get a clear view of both, depending on which side of the beach you are on! Now there’s something you can’t get just anywhere.


3.Old Shelton Church Ruins

Sheldon Church Ruins Weddings Styled Shoot

As we drift away from some of the beach locations (no pun intended), we venture into one of my favorite locations outside of Savannah: Old Shelton Church Ruins. Click here to see a gorgeous photography session there. The Old Shelton Church Ruins are located just outside of Beaufort, South Carolina, which is approximately an hour away from Savannah, perfect for a day of exploring. The site features the famous Prince William’s Parish Church, which was burned down in 1779 during the Revolutionary War, but later rebuilt again in 1826. This location is perfect for those of us with adventure in our hearts, since the whole area is full of things to explore and see. It is a historical site, but full of so much character and rich culture. The abandoned feel of it gives a great contrast to the blossoming love between a couple, creating the perfect amount of beauty and tension in one picture.


4.Hilton Head Island


Last on our list, but certainly not least, is located in South Carolina. Much like Tybee Island, Hilton Head offers a really sweet, coastal atmosphere, but is a bit more modernized. Hilton Head features the famous lighthouse, which makes for a great engagement session location, while also allowing for some really beautiful beach photos. If the beach isn’t exactly your thing, there is also a great deal of historic architecture, which could make a great backdrop. Located about 45 minutes from Savannah, Hilton Head gives that perfect balance of quaint and modern, yet is also full of really nice shopping and golfing spots, which could make this day into a little weekend getaway as well!



Savannah is one of those places that you can get lost in its beauty and charm very quickly, which makes it easy for many to overlook the amazing locations that are just under their noses! Whether you are looking for beaches, eclectic architecture, or just something different, take a look right outside your own front yard, and you may be surprised what you find. Driftwood Beach, Tybee Island, Old Shelton Church Ruins, and Hilton Head Island are all amazing and unique places to get your engagement sessions done, and who knows, maybe you will even find yourself discovering a new favorite getaway.


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