A few weeks ago i had the immense pleasure of meeting Stephanie Maupin, the owner of HollyOaks Plantation. As we toured this new plantation style wedding venue in Savannah GA, I managed to capture a few moments in time and in the process created some beautiful soulful photos.

If you don’t yet know this wonderful new wedding venue here are a few words from Stephanie: “Designed for the glamorous Savannah social soireés and parties of the 1940’s and 50’s, the interior living areas feature custom-designed doors that fold open to create large spaces for entertaining. The pine walls and floor in the hearth room and guest cottage were made from trees felled on the property.”

Savannah needs more wonderful outdoor wedding venues that can hold tented outdoor weddings with and HollyOaks delivers this capability to any couple searching for that old southern charm.

While at this visit, i took the opportunity to try out my new camera and capture some different and interesting angles of the property keeping in mind the play of light and shadow.