Super Romantic Places to Propose In Savannah, GA

Super Romantic Places to Propose In Savannah, GA


One of the most exciting moments in one’s life is the time to propose to the love of their lives. So if you are looking to propose to your heartthrob and you are thinking of romantic places in Savannah, GA, to propose, then you are in the right place. 

Savannah is a lovely city with exquisite southern cuisine, historic hotels, famous Spanish Moss oak trees, and intimate squares. 

Proposing to your sweetheart in a city like this will make your engagement moment even more unforgettable. 

Ahead, you will learn the top 5 romantic places to propose in Savannah, GA. 

5 Romantic Places to Propose In Savannah, GA

1. Forsyth Park Fountain Proposal

Savannah has around 22 squares and parks that are suitable for romantic proposals. However, one of the most popular parks in Savannah that made it to our list is the famous Forsyth Park Fountain. This park hosts the city’s famous fountain, which was installed in 1858. 

Since its inception, Forsyth Park Fountain has attracted thousands of visitors from across the world. If you want a surprise engagement, Forsyth Park Fountain would be a wonderful picturesque spot. 

2. Horse Carriage Ride Proposal 

Taking a horse ride or carriage tour is one of the best ways to explore Savannah. While on tour, you can visit Whitefish square to enjoy a lifetime of true love. 

The Whitefish square is a perfect place to pop the question to your loved one. 

You can arrange for a photographer to secretly take pictures when kneeling to pop the question. “I’ve done countless of these surprise proposal photo sessions.”

#3. Wormsloe Proposal

Wormsloe is a fantastic place to propose to your heartthrob. 

Since the founding of the state, Wormsloe is the only architectural remnant in Savannah. This location is also one of the most picturesque places in Georgia. Upon entry into the site, you are greeted with a long driveway surrounded by over 400 oak trees. 

Any of the oak trees is a perfect location for a surprise engagement. Intending couples can also use this place to arrange for a planned photo shoot with a photographer. 

#4. Marquee Theater Proposal

No doubt, Savannah is an old colonial city, but it boasts of historical theaters that you can rent for a surprise engagement. 

If you have the resources, you can rent the whole theater to make your proposal colorful. Additionally, you can propose at the Marquee theater sign. 

Request a move date from your partner, and when you get to this location, you can then pop the question. Remember to hire a photographer that would capture the special moment. 

#5. Rooftop proposal

There are lots of great rooftop restaurants and bars in Savannah. These restaurants and bars are perfect places to pop the question. 

But if you are looking to propose to your babe in a unique venue with breathtaking views, look no further than the Perry Lane Hotel rooftop lawn. This hotel has one of the best restaurants in the city. 

You can tell your partner you are going to a rooftop bar and bring your to an open rooftop with the 360’degree views of the charming Savannah. We suggest you add candles and a big “marry me” sign to make the moment exciting. 

Final Words

You can also visit Tybee Island, which boasts of a historic lighthouse and famous beaches. 

This area is a perfect fit if you are looking for sunset candlelight surprises or romantic beach picnic proposals. 

We recommend the Book Lady Bookstore for book lovers. This book store is great for a surprise engagement. 

If you both love the sea adventures, the real Pirate’s House is worth visiting for a proposal. 

Overall, these locations are great for a lifetime surprise and absolutely perfect for a romantic getaway. 

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