Vitor Lindo, one of the best Photographers in Savannah GA

Vitor Lindo, one of the best Photographers in Savannah GA

One Of The Most Respected Photographers In Savannah GA

Vitor Lindo’s affinity for capturing life’s spectacular moments as they happen is what sets him apart from other photographers in Savannah, GA. His style is described as: photojournalism. In this type of photography, the photographer stays out of the situation as much as possible, and rather than posing the subjects, he or she stands back and watches what happens, taking photos at the most intense moments. The results of Vitor’s artistic eye are breathtaking and intriguing. Viewers of each photo can feel the emotions of his subjects, rather than see them. Whether it be a wedding, engagement, or fine art photo shoot, Vitor Lindo will harness your moment and create, for you, a more tangible story or memory. Call today to schedule your breathtaking photo shoot.

What Is Editorial Photography?

One Of The Most Respected Photographers In Savannah GA

Editorial shoots for wedding inspiration involve many different types of vendors. These include beauty stylists for hair and makeup, fashion designers for the bridal party’s attire, bakers for cake design, wedding planners and interior designer to decorate the venue, florists for centerpiece design, and more. Basically, an editorial wedding shoot is a cohesive showcase of the talents of many different talented professionals, coming together for a stunning wedding theme. Each editorial shoot aims to tell a unique story, and that story is represented in the setting, the subjects, and the decor.

Every day, we see photos in advertisements that promote a certain product or service – constantly pushing us to buy. These ads have come to be viewed negatively by many people; we know we’re being sold to, and we don’t want these products pushed in our faces. The images used in that particular type of media represent commercial photography, and while effective it its own purpose, it hardly evokes an emotional response.

Consider then, when you are in a waiting room and you pick up a magazine. It is high quality, and printed on thick, glossy paper. You flip through, until a stunning photo of a model styled in high fashion catches your eye. You are so captivated that you begin to read the adjacent text to see what exactly is so special about this picture. The styled photographs used in this type of media represent editorial photography; it produces iconic images for use with accompanying text. This could be art accompanying a short story, or images of a cake, flowers, and a wedding dress that accompany an article about modern weddings.


Fine Art Photography At It’s Finest

Photos from an editorial shoot must be high quality, interesting, and invoke a particular mood, feel, or emotion. That’s the point of editorial photography; it captures your full attention and makes you want to read to find out more about the image. Additionally, editorial photography can be used to help you envision a descriptive text so you see a particular scene in your head. This type of photography takes raw talent and a trained eye that recognizes visual aspects of the world around that can evoke subtle fascination. It takes a photographer who is truly connected to the camera, and to the subject. When looking for editorial photographers in Savannah GA there is no question that Vitor Lindo Photography is your expert.

Rustic Woodland vows, or Classic Barn chic, which comes to mind when you’re pondering the vibe of your big day? Are you traditional, edgy, eclectic, simple, southern, or modern? Maybe you can’t even decide. That’s the beauty of editorial shoots with photographers in Savannah GA. These shoots are entirely styled by local vendors, down to the most minute detail. Devised around a specific theme, editorial shoots are mock-ups of actual weddings, to give future brides ideas of how their big day could look. The photos in these editorial shoots are shown in magazines and blogs nationwide. Vitor Lindo has expertly captured the essence of styled editorial wedding shoots to give you the full experience so that when your wedding rolls around, you will have some inspiration.