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How to Get Swoon-Worthy Detail Shots for Your Savannah Wedding

June 12, 2017

My 5 Secrets To Getting Your Wedding Published On A Magazine


My 5 Secrets To Getting Your Wedding Published On A Magazine


Whether you are just about to tie the knot, or just got engaged, I’m sure your free time has been filled up by Pinterest board scrolling, or flipping through The Knot magazine. Your wedding day will be the most incredible day of your life no matter what, but for some of you, at least a small part of you is hoping to get those magical pictures that look like they came straight out of a magazine. You’re spending a large amount of money to ensure every detail of your day is perfect, and it’s only fair that your photos showcase your hard work and dedication to the fullest. A huge part of this process is picking the right photographer, but even then, your photographer is only able to work with what they are given. If you’re looking to enhance your detail and getting ready shots to make them “magazine worthy”, you are in the right place. Check out My 5 Secrets to Getting Your Wedding Published on a Magazine. These are some of our best kept secrets for your perfect detail shots!

1. Plan With Intention

If you want your wedding to be published on a big blog or even in print you need to plan for that when you are making your style decisions. If you want to be published on Style Me Pretty you have to browse the blog and search for inspiration there. Most blogs have a specific look they go for and going too far out of their usual style will hurt your chances.

2. Hire The Right Vendors

Having a full planning company is absolutely imperative if you want to get published. Planners live to get published and they will work their buts of to help you. If your planning company does not style you can hire a professional stylist which would greatly increase your chances. Of course, as your photographer I will be there to style your items as well but having planning meetings with the florists, venue managers and planners is the bet way to ensure you get published. Also communicating your hopes to get published helps a lot because they can plan and style for a specific blog or magazine.

3. Invest in a Quality Ring Box

Ladies, we can be honest here. One of the best parts about getting engaged is getting to showcase your gorgeous engagement ring (and soon your wedding band as well!) Your fiancé most likely spent a small fortune on your ring, and it deserves to be shown off in the best possible light. So many couples have their detail shots done with just a simple ring box, usually with the logo still on it. Which is fine for storing your ring when not wearing, but on your wedding day, your rings deserve the finest treatment. One of my best pieces of advice for my brides is to invest in a ring box that suits the style of the ring, wedding, and personality of the bride. You can find ring boxes all over the internet or antique shops, but I personally recommend The Mrs Box. They have ring boxes in nearly every size, style, and color that you could possibly ask for- and are incredible quality! Not only do these give your ring shots a little extra glamour, but they make for a great keepsake and display piece to put in your bedroom with your new spouse as well.

4. Make Your Vows Last Forever

Saying your vows to the love of your life on your wedding day is easily the most special moment in your life. Of course you will have gorgeous photos and video of the two of you exchanging vows, but there is something so special about handwriting your vows to cherish forever. There are so many companies that will write out both of your vows in beautiful hand lettering in a gorgeous vow book for you to display, or to keep somewhere special as a reminder of the lifelong promises you made to each other that day. (Check out Etsy for personalized books in almost any type of style you could want!) Vow books have been one of my top recommendations to newly engaged couples, since they not only are a physical copy of your vows, but they also end up creating stunning detail shots on their own or paired together with your rings, dress, or other little keepsakes from the day. Plus, what could be more romantic than your very own vows written in beautiful calligraphy for you to read with your spouse one night on the couch with some candles and a bottle of champagne?

5. Add in Some Flowers to Your Shots

Chances are, your wedding plans include lots and lots of flowers. However, brides easily forget to save a bouquet or two to add in to their detail shots! Bringing in a bouquet, or even a stem or two, to your detail shots can really enhance your shots and take them from being a simple ring photo, to a full-blown love story. Are you having a more bohemian style wedding? Have a floral crown made of the same flowers you plan on using in your wedding décor to use in your detail shots. You wouldn’t believe how beautiful a flower crown addition is to your detail shots. Flowers have such a romantic nature to them, and drawing them into your detail shots keeps your wedding story consistent, clean, and simply beautiful.Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience, and should be documented in the most magical and romantic way possible. Adding in a couple small props to your detail shots can make a world of difference, and they even serve as additional keepsakes for you to keep once you’ve tied the knot!


I hope you have enjoyed reading all about the little accents that can spruce up your detail shots. My 5 Secrets to Getting Your Wedding Published on a Magazine have helped my brides to come out with absolutely stunning detail shots that they will be able to cherish for the rest of their lives. As always, make sure to subscribe to us on social media to stay updated with the latest shoots and posts, and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!

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