The Magic of The Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist, Savannah, GA

The Magic of The Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist, Savannah, GA

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life that you want to remember for a lifetime. 

So, as you plan your wedding day, the wedding venue should be a priority to make sure you and your better half and the invited guests have a great time. 

The day of your wedding should be everything you’ve ever imagined. In fact, it should be everything you never thought would happen. 

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is a magical choice as a wedding venue if you are Catholic.         

In this article, we will review the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist to enable you to make an informed decision regarding your choice of wedding venue. We will explore the church’s responsibilities and also talk about the Cathedral’s wedding planning committee. 

 About The Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is one of the significant Savannah attractions to behold. Being the seat of the diocese of Savannah, the Cathedral is an architectural masterpiece. 

This Catholic wedding venue was founded in 1700 by the first French Colonists. The original Cathedral was gutted by fire, so the current structure dates back to 1874. 

If you are a visitor to the Cathedral, you can take a self-guided tour, enjoying the exquisite Italian marble, picturesque exterior, as well, as the Twin Spires. 

Other breathtaking features of the Cathedral include the opulent Persian rugs of the interior and the Austrian stained glass. 

Since its creation, the Cathedral has been a beacon in the skyline of Savannah. It is open to members of the Savannah community and those from afar. 

Choosing the Cathedral for your religious wedding is a fantastic experience for you, your better half, and your guests. 

Weddings At The Cathedral

Marriage is a serious commitment that God himself designed for us to create the following generations and to experience our deepest longing for love. 

Your wedding day should be one of the most beautiful days of your life, and that’s what the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is all about. 

The Cathedral provides you with rich and warm memories and gives you the resources to sustain you through many years of marriage life.  

The Cathedral’s Responsibilities:

● Open and close the venue at scheduled times

● Provide the couples with clean rooms for their dressing and make-up

● Ensure proper use of the Church facilities and equipment

● Provide on-site support as required

Wedding Planning

The team at the Cathedral can help you with your wedding planning.

With the Cathedral’s team, you are sure to comply with the guidelines when using the church, plan the wedding liturgy, the documents to be assembled, and the music of your choice.

All arrangements to use the Cathedral for your wedding should be concluded at least 4 months in advance. Additionally, couples must participate in a marriage preparation program. 

Wedding Music

Once you have fixed your wedding date and gotten the church council’s approval, you need to contact the Cathedral’s music department for music selection on your big day. You can reach them via

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist has a responsive wedding planning team. If you have any inquiries to make, you can shoot a message to them via 912-233-4709 or email All questions must go through the wedding planning team. 

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