Before we shot you all the pretty photos and videos coming you way, here are a few words from the couple…

Tell us about the courtship:

Lily: We met at a fourth of July house party in college at UGA. Jacob was also there and we immediately clicked over super smash bros. and beer pong. Not very romantic, and it gets worse- I gave him my number but then never responded to his texts! My phone was on its last legs and had broken the next day. I chalked it up to fate and didn’t worry about contacting him until I ran into him on his lunch break… as I was talking on my brand new phone. I felt terrible as I didn’t bother to tell him what had happened. I suggested a date at a bar in downtown Athens- and miraculously he accepted. After that date I was instantly hooked and we have spent basically every minute possible together since, even through a year of long-distance, medical school, and a move to Denver for residency. Jacob: Yep… She ignored my texts after meeting her at a party. Luckily I ran into her while heading to lunch with a coworker. I remember sarcastically saying “Hey! How are you?” and then laughing when I walked past her. The awkwardness made her text me back and the rest is history!

Tell us about the proposal:

It was very romantic. We took a trip to Thailand to celebrate my graduating from medical school and spent a few days in Krabi, which is surrounded by mountains and the sea. We climbed to the top of a particularly scenic mountain (which was difficult as neither of us had climbed a mountain before…) and when we stopped at the peak to admire the beautiful view, he proposed! The tourists around us were very excited- so excited, one of them stepped in front of Jacob’s self-timer camera at the precise moment he proposed. Luckily we had a backup camera to capture the moment!

What has you most excited about the wedding?

Lily: a chance to see all my friends and family and have them share in what will be the best day of my life! Jacob: There are tons of family and friends that I haven’t seen in years that will be coming to share the occasion — plus I get to marry the woman of my dreams!

Why did you choose the venues and locations that you chose?

Lily: I wanted a venue large enough to accommodate everyone that I wanted to invite and that’s relatively close to downtown. I grew up on Wilmington Island and the Savannah Country Club recently underwent some renovations. I was really impressed by what they had done and everyone has been really responsive to all my questions and suggestions! Jacob: We didn’t want to have a typical “low country” wedding so needed a place that was willing to work with us to give it our own feel. They have been doing just that! Plus, there’s tons of indoor and outdoor space so plenty of room for everybody.

How does your partner make you a better person?

Lily: Jacob is one of those people who embodies kindness, patience, humility…and at times I definitely struggle with those traits. Just being in his presence makes people feel good and it is immediately apparent to all that he is, down to his core, a good person. I know a lot of people say this, but I really am the luckiest person in the world to be marrying him. If I could be even a fraction more like him I would consider myself a better person- and hopefully after 6 years he’s starting to rub off on me! Jacob: A lot of times I get caught up in worrying about what others will think, but that’s the last thing on Lily’s mind and life is way more fun that way! She constantly encourages me to step outside my comfort zone. We’ve done so many awesome things over the last 7 years that I definitely wouldn’t have done without her — places we’ve gone, things we’ve seen, experiences we’ve had. I can’t imagine life without her!

Tell about about your favorite elements from the wedding. Such as decor, flowers, dress etc..

Lily: I’m really excited about the flowers- we are going for an ikebana meets art deco vibe. I wanted something artistic and beautiful, and I’m very much into botany so it has been fun imagining what flowers would go best. Also very excited about our matching cake! Jacob: The cake!! We’ve been on a Great British Baking Show kick lately, so needless to say we’re pretty excited about the cake.

And here is their amazing video!

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