How Your Maid of Honor/Best Man Can Assist With Your Savannah Wedding Photos

How Your Maid of Honor/Best Man Can Assist With Your Savannah Wedding Photos


Savannah Wedding Photos


When it comes to planning your wedding, you need people you can depend on to help make your day as perfect as you imagine it. Typically, your maid of honor and best man are some of your closest friends or family, and believe it or not, they can end up being a huge help when it comes to getting perfect wedding photos. By no means are these tips necessary for every wedding (ex: you hire a photographer with a team and crew, or have an assistant included with your wedding planning company), but if you are sticking to family and friends as your crew, then this article is for you!

1. Make Sure They Are Organized for Worst Case Scenarios

On the big day, the bride and groom are going to be running around like chickens with their heads cut off, so it is vital that the maid of honor and best man are fully prepared and prepped on all of the information for the day. Set up a folder for each of them including every piece of information for the day: full schedule of wedding day, the addresses of the venues, phone numbers for vendors, cabs, and venues, a list of each family member’s name and phone number, and any other piece of information that you may need. (to get a good idea of what your schedule may look like, take a look at our article “Wedding Photography Checklist and Timeline”).

Having all of this handy is going to be extremely helpful in case of emergency. For instance, if it is time to take family photos and Uncle Bob is nowhere to be seen, then having his phone number handy is going to ensure that he isn’t missing from the family portrait. Another example may be if the cab is scheduled to arrive at 11:00am at the hotel, and there’s no cab and it’s 11:10am, the info folder will help to save time and get everything back on schedule!

2. Creating Back- Up Plans

As mentioned above, the bride and groom have a lot on their plate for this day, so having the maid of honor and best man ready to go with extras of everything is extremely important! Best Man, bring some extra shirts in case the other groomsmen forget that white shirts and chicken wings don’t mix. Maid of Honor, bring a Tide Detergent pen and safety pins for the other bridesmaids, in case a zipper snaps or makeup leaves a stain on the dresses.

3. Helping the Photographer with Wedding Photos

When the photographer arrives to the venue, he is going to have a limited amount of time to get all of the shots that you want. Having the maid of honor and best man prepping the spaces and assisting the photographer is only going to ensure that the wedding photos come out smoothly and exactly how the couple wants them. A couple ways that they can help would be to get all of the items for “Getting Ready” shots set out and organized (if you want to be super organized, refer to our article “How to Get The Best Getting Ready Wedding Pictures”) and also assisting during family photos. If the maid of honor or best man is a family member, make sure that they give this task to another dependable bridesmaid or groomsmen. Having this extra help during family wedding photos will guarantee that everyone is included, and that it is organized and stress free.

4. Stay Sober Until After Dinner

This may seem kind of strange to add on, but you would not believe the amount of drunken Best Men and Maids of Honor that have added additional stress to the wedding. As a courtesy to the couple, please stay sober until at least after dinner! No couple wants to look back on their wedding video and see tipsy toasts. Staying sober until after dinner will also help to make sure everything goes according to plan, and trust me, the bride and groom will definitely appreciate it. Once the toasts are over, feel free to enjoy your night and have fun- the hard part is all over.


Being asked to be Maid of Honor or Best Man is a true compliment, and shows that the couple really has faith in these two people and trusts them to be their peace of mind on the big day. With these tips in mind, these two special people will be able to give clarity and sanity to the couple, and help to make the ceremony, wedding photos, and reception run as smoothly as possible.

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