How Drone Videos Can Literally Elevate Your Brand

How Drone Videos Can Literally Elevate Your Brand

Are you looking for new ways to give your video marketing a substantial boost? If yes, drone video is your answer. Here’s how!

Most of the time, we see drones at the beaches and parks, which are being flown by the photographers/videographers or hobbyists trying their best to capture the most incredible moments. 

But can drones be a helping hand to the world of brands as well? The answer is yes, and drone videos are already growing in the marketing world rapidly.

Brands use drone technology as one of the marketing tools rather than just considering it a tech toy nowadays. 

In fact, drone video has become one of the most up-to-date trends in marketing, specifically in the event marketing field. 

It offers an appealing and unique way to capture video footage to deliver excellent results in marketing campaigns. 

Businesses have also realized that drone videos give them value when showing their area, facility, property, or product using great quality photos and footage for their brand benefits and identification.

This article will share my experience with drone videos and how they can help your brand grow. But, before moving ahead, let me give you the decisive reason why drone videos are a powerful marketing strategy.

Why Drones are a Game Changer? 

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), formally known as Drones, are described as Flying robots. 

I am not getting into the nitty-gritty, but this mini copter’s technical inner working can be controlled remotely by the on-ground pilot or could be functioned separately with the help of the onboard computer, equipment, or even communication links. 

With the battery upgrades that could last for up to 25 minutes, drones can stay in the flight for approximately 12 minutes. 

Now think of utilizing the drones for your video marketing campaign!

Have you ever watched a video starting with the ground and shows side by side the aerial view? This is not due to any Hi-Fi technology but due to the convenient drone technology.

You will be fascinated by the bird’s eye view of the scenery with the help of drone footage which couldn’t be easily observable from the ground photography. 

This way, your viewers can see the Veronica chamaedrys view that is not easily noticeable from the ground. 

Plus, you offer your viewers the all-access pass to the fantastic display, which will differentiate you from others, at least from your competitors. 

“You’ll stand out from the crowd if your competitors are not willing to leap drone video.”

How can You Use the Drones for Marketing?

Who thought that we would be able to capture the videos and pictures with the help of the drones? 

Older people only consider drones as an illegal spy or something dangerous. 

However, now drones can be used to either upgrade your marketing campaigns or complement them. 

Drone’s static images and video footage offer a fantastic airborne view incomparable with the regular video or photo. 

Drone video captivating shots add movement and dimensions to everything. Indeed, your audience has an awe-inspiring, impactful impression of your brand on them. 

I want to correct one thing here, as I have mentioned in the above paragraph as well. Drone videos are not just specifically for event marketing, actually. You can use them for:

Brand presentations
Website and landing pages
Digital advertisements
Social media channels

On the flip side, use drone photography for the:

Annual brands
Outdoor advertisements
Trade show displays

You may know or not, but the average user of the internet spends 88% more time on the website with the video than the website with no video. 

Then, what’s better than incorporating the drone footage on your website? Right. 

What’s cherry on the top is when you take help from a professional videographer for your drone videos, it’ll surely be more than just a drone video. 

To make the most out of your digital video marketing campaign, post the drone footage of the facility, area, or property on your social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. 

As we all know, YouTube is the second search engine and the third most visited site all over the internet; this video-based social channel is perfect for showing the company drone footage. 

You can include your drone video daily on Facebook as well. 

Twitter also promotes autoplay videos so you can make the widespread campaign that has the dimensions to turn your followers into leads. 

Benefits of Drone Videos for Brands

Outstanding Video Content

We all know that video is the king of content because it grabs the audiences’ attention and keeps it longer than the other content forms. 

Video’s fundamental goal is to maximize search engine optimization (SEO), as when a viewer/visitor watches the video on the website, their time automatically extends.

At the same time, you can attach your drone videos to the web pages and blog posts. 

A good idea is to use these videos in the webpages section or page headers. 

Make sure you have set the content on autoplay, so your visitor immediately feels an attachment for your brand with the help of your best drone videos. 

  • Showcase your Brand and Company

Drone photography brings life back to the kind of marketing materials you want to use. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to be more creative with the help of drones to create an amazing image of your brand. 

Take a look at the existing marketing tools and then decide how you want to improve your brand image for your viewers. 

I have worked with different clients, and they’ve added drone videos on their social media channels and email campaigns with great ROI (return on investment.)

  • Ease in Recruitment

The social media and website surely stand out as they receive a lot more attention from candidates looking for new roles. 

Drone footage can help you attract the market’s top talents, people who match your criteria, and talented fresh grads. It also helps in hurtling the whole recruitment process. 

Also, there are reasonable chances that you will receive a quality application that let you spend less money and time on each recruitment cycle; hence you are attracting the right person in each role. 

  • More Purchases and Visits

Do you know 64% of website visitors prefer buying the product from the online retail store after viewing the video? 

When you utilize drone videos to showcase the product/services or tell the story of how to use it in front of your clients, you create the exact experience your customer is looking for. 

Apart from such striking attributes, the viewers who watch the video stay on the site for about 2 minutes more than those who don’t watch the videos. 

Final Thoughts

Video is all over the digital places, and surely everything is shifting from textual content to video content. 

There are a plethora of drone video ideas available on the internet. With drone video, you should never compromise on the quality of the video that could help you capture your brand message. 

Also, consumers’ brains are now wired to digest the video quickly compared to the text. 

If you are looking to elevate your marketing strategies or want to compliment your marketing campaign with the help of drone videos, look no further, as I am here to help!

I have over 9 years of experience in making professional videos with a lot of drone footage.

I go in-depth with each detail with my experience in videography so brands can communicate the messages to the potential audience they always wanted to hear.

Give us a call today. We are here to help!