Explainer Videos: Why They Are So Powerful?

Explainer Videos: Why They Are So Powerful?

To make sure your target audience doesn’t switch from your product/service by reading the long pager product/service descriptions, here comes Explainer Video to the Rescue!

It is no secret for marketers that video content marketing contributes to overall promotion strategies. But have you ever been inspired by the explainer video trend? Are you thinking of creating one? If yes, you are about to make a worthy video marketing piece for your brand or company.

Also, you are not the only one who will follow the trend, but well-known giant companies and entrepreneurs are creating explainer videos to create awareness about their brand and products. 

Look at this fact!

According to Wyzowl’s, Marketing 2020 report, 96% of the people have viewed the explainer videos to know more about the product or service. 

So these days, explainers are not just lovely pieces of content; they are now the critical video marketing tool that lets you convey important information in less time and impact the first impression. 

Explainer videos sound fun and exciting, right? Let’s explore more! 

If you want to make the explainer videos for your brand or thinking of making changes to your existing ones, you’ve come to the right place! 

This article post will cover the whole lot you need to know about explainer videos and why live-action explainer videos are the best for brand or product awareness.

Before jumping right away into the explainer video’s illumination, let me give you an example of Dropbox!

Dropbox increased their conversions rates by 10%. The reason behind such colossal conversion was their viral referral campaign

This campaign was presented in the form of a video explaining the features and benefits of this digital product. Also, the video was watched over 750,000 times within a month and generated a few more signups for their services.

Now, what is an Explainer Video? 

The explainer video is a short-length video tool with a time limit of 90 seconds. It explains the all-business concepts in a clear, educational, and, most importantly, engaging manner. 

Live-action explainer video or animation video is the standard format used in explainer videos because the live actions or visuals can easily communicate how service and product can help or benefit the user/customer and solve the problems they are experiencing. 

If I go in-depth of the explainer video, this type of video introduces the audience to a specific subject like features or descriptions of a new product or service, an overview of the process like how a particular software works, or a simple introduction to your brand. 

Also, the explainer video works as a short tutorial on how to use software, application, or product. 

Besides, explainer videos can lead the consumers to visit your site to learn more about your company, product, or services. 

Also, an explainer video could be used to promote the brand or showcase your organization’s work culture to engage the consumers and develop brand recognition. 

Why are Explainer Videos Effective? 

In today’s era, videos effectiveness is incomparable. Videos are easy to digest, and consumers like them as they are easy on the eyes. But what are the reasons that make the explainer video unforgettable for your next marketing campaign? 

Let’s examine the reasons!

Easy to Describe

Explainer videos are ideal for showing how a service will benefit the customer or demonstrate using a product. 

Such videos are often better suited to offering instructions than simple text, and viewers will be benefitted from the graphical or pictorial demo.

Explainer Videos are Better than the Text

Videos could be a one-step marketing campaign or one advertising solution. They help the customers to discover more about the products and brands or services they offer. 

This is not a new thing as they help consumers learn more about the product/services benefits. 

In fact, 95% of the messages are taken from videos by customers. This is because customers gain more information by viewing the video as compared to the text reading. 

Even more notable, above 95% of consumers, poll says they have viewed an explainer video to know more about a product or service. 

This statistic discloses that consumers are not only keen on watching videos, but they are actively seeking them out. 

It’s no wonder that explainer videos are actually the most widely created video for marketing purposes. 

The video format, clear yet succinct content, and short video appeal to the customers effectively. 

Did You Know?

‘Nearly 90% of people demanded more video content from the brands they want to connect to in business activities.’

Videos are Easily Sharable

As an explainer Video Production Company, I have seen my client’s videos shared on different social platforms a million times. Why? Because when consumers like the explainer videos, they are more likely to share them among their communities or friends than any other type of content. 

Again, the video format is more suitable for sharing than an unclear infographic, wordy article, wordy descriptions, or lengthy ebooks. 

There are fair chances that your content will go viral with video, as videos have much more potential than a simple piece of content or web page. 

Stand Out in the Crowd

Though the explainer videos have enough competition in the Multinationals, not everyone is into the explainer videos yet; they should be doing it. However, suppose you have explainer videos on the different marketing channels and video streaming platforms like YouTube. 

In that case, you will maintain a decisive edge over your competitors and improve your search engine optimization rankings that’ll enable the customers to find you first among your competitors.

Great for Mobile Marketing

Consumers love to watch videos on their mobile in this digital era, or even mobile shoppers prefer to watch the videos when seeking new services or products.

When you have the explainer videos widely available for mobile users, it keeps you connected with your target audience 24/7 and improves your brand’s awareness. 

Crucial Part of Your Marketing Strategies

Digital or conventional marketers who have already included the explainer video in their marketing mix have seen helpful and engaging results firsthand.

Over 80% of marketers say that videos help them improve the traffic on the website, generate leads, and increase conversion rates. 

This is because video serves the sales funnel far better than any marketing mix included just textual content. 

Adding the explainer videos and the customer journey will significantly improve the conversion rates and ROI. 

How Do Explainer Videos Lookalike? 

The explainer video implementation heavily depends on its audience, purpose, and budget. Therefore, there are no hard guidelines to follow a specific pattern in the creation of an explainer video, but the below categories are the most used:

  • Animated In this type of explainer video, e.g., graphics or motion, no idea is out of the realm of opportunity! You can create this video without any set designs, shooting schedule, crew, or actors. It’s a more controlled creative video.  
  • Live-Action: Such explainer videos feature real-life demonstrations or people to increase the target audience’s relatability. They also communicate a lifestyle to the viewers or give the people familiar vibes.
  • Mixed: Such videos blend motion graphics, live-action, or other art forms like stop motion, whiteboard animation, or papercraft. 
  • Screen Capture: This type of video can help with the tech or digital demos. 

Why are Live-Action Explainer Videos Effective? 

Live-Action Explainer Videos are usually focused on delivering a brands’ message. 

Touches of humor or human intellectual creativity are used to make it more entertaining. 

A well-thought and well-made live-action explainer video can bring a fantastic result to your overall marketing campaign. 

The reason they are effective is that: They are more relatable. The unique advantage of shooting a live-action video is authenticity. 

Meanwhile, it demonstrates human emotions, and it’s easy for the audience to relate to the video.

Live-action explainer video highlights your service/product’s appearance in the real world, so the audiences know what to expect from the product.

Live-action explainer videos are easy to extemporize. You can simply and quickly come up with a good idea and make tweaks on the set while filming the live-action explainer video.

Key Takeaways

Now you get why explainer videos can be a great addition to your marketing strategies, so isn’t it the right time to add them into your marketing mix? 

There are many ways to do that. From placing them on the landing pages or inserting them on the website, you can put them on your social media channels as well. 

Working with a good Explainer Video Production Company is an excellent first step because they can help you put together high-quality videos and choose the best channels to showcase the video for the optimal benefits.

As a professional videographer with 9+ years of extensive experience, I have worked with reputable clients such as marketers and sales personnel worldwide and helped them create brand awareness and helped them generate leads through explainer videos. 

Get in touch if you find me a good match!

Thank you for reading “Explainer Videos: Why They Are So Powerful?”

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