Buzios: The Summer Dream City that Enchanted Brigitte Bardot

Just a few hours away from Rio de Janeiro, Buzios is a popular destination among the wealthy of both Brazil and Argentina. To access the coastal town, there is no hard work. Just take a bus from Galeao International Airport (GIG).

The Brazilian seaside resort of Búzios gives its favorite visitor a beautiful stretch of coastline to call their own. The Orla Bardot runs from the heart of town all the way to one of the 23 beaches on the peninsula, with gorgeous views of the bay.

When the peak tourism season arrives, the Buzios harbor receives many ships full of travelers keen to explore the marvels the town has to offer. From the same dock, visitors can take a boat ride to discover Buzios from a different point of view.

Since Brigitte’s first visit with her Brazilian boyfriend in 1964, many world-famous celebrities like Mick Jagger and Madonna have also come to this place. Her declaration of affection for the village had a remarkable effect, making it famous all over the world and contributing to the upscaling of the area as a tourist destination. Nowadays, it is commonly referred to as Brazil’s St Tropez.

Evidently, the people of the area don’t disapprove of her presence; on the contrary, they actually celebrate it. There is a theater named after her and even a plaque highlighting the room she stayed in during her summer vacation. On the seafront, a bronze statue of the French starlet stands with a straw hat in her hand as if to recreate the atmosphere of 1964.

Stone street (Rua das Pedras) in Buzios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Now, similarities between Buzios and St Tropez go beyond the fame of Brigitte Bardot. Located three hours away from Rio, this destination has become the favorite of the upper class of Brazil and Argentina.

Brazilians have a certain type of allure. Everybody is bronzed like the timber the country is named after. Some appear to have undergone cosmetic surgery. The customary beachwear is quite minuscule. Girls are seen wearing bikinis that resemble Dairylea triangles, while boys are comfortable with briefs that are akin to Versace Junior’s collection. This look would be unlikely to be accepted in Brighton, but in Buzios, it looks perfectly normal.

During the night, the central area of Buzios is a lively place. Tourists walk down Rua das Pedras, admiring the stylish shops and eateries. However, the primary purpose of the evening stroll is to observe each other.

In Buzios, after dark, the caipirinha can be found everywhere. This Brazilian mix of cane alcohol, sugar, and lime is so delectable that more is needed. It packs a punch as powerful as a Roberto Carlos thunderbolt. Have four of them, and you’ll be having a conversation with your footwear.

In the evening, the city offers a variety of lively music bars and clubs for entertainment. Before that, dinner should be on the agenda! There is a wide selection of meals – from the traditional regional fare (filled with plenty of seafood!) to more cosmopolitan choices such as pizza or hamburgers.

Though the nightlife is tempting, people come to Buzios primarily for the beaches. There is a vast selection of 23 beaches, most of which are within walking distance of the town. A great way to explore them all is to hire a buggy and decide which is the best fit for you, whether it’s Forno or Azedinha for peace, Ossos for show-off, Geriba for surfing, or Olho de Boi for an even tan.

The crystal-clear blue waters of Joao Fernandes Beach draw in sightseers from all around the world. Hearing foreign languages as you stroll along the sand is not unusual. An array of homes, hotels, and hostels are intertwined with the lush greenery that borders the beach. A plunge into the sea reveals an entirely different universe of vivid fish and starfish. Kayaking and stand-up paddling are also options.

Geriba Beach, which has bigger waves than Joao Fernandes, is known for being the beach of the youth. The sand is ideal for playing sports such as volleyball and football. If you are into aquatic sports, windsurfing, bodyboarding, and surfing can all be enjoyed here.

The main contrast between Buzios and its glitzy French Riviera counterpart is its affordability. As this is Brazil, even the grandest of resorts are inexpensive when it comes to the cost of living. One can enjoy a royal feast for £20, hire a buggy for a really cheap rate of £10, and have lots of delicious caipirinhas for just 80 £.

The most incredible thing about Buzios is still completely free to enjoy: the sights from the waterfront. Little white fishing vessels created a border around the bay. The sea is as deep blue as Brazilian soccer uniforms. Yachts and water taxis passed by the Ilha do Caboclo, a small island a few hundred yards away.

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