Búzios, Brasil


A 10-day curated Adventure Photography Workshop at a five-mile peninsula engraved into dramatic hillsides precipices smothered by exuberant vegetation bathed by crystal-clear emerald and eccentric pink sand.
Featuring Expert Native Guide, Fine Dining, Local Cuisine, and Authentic Experiences In Local Culture, all wrapped in World Class Photography Instruction

All-Inclusive 10-day Immersion Retreat in Brazil’s         
A Paradise with 26 Beaches Eternalized
by 1960's Diva 


Brigitte Bardot



Armação dos Búzios, Brasil
4 to 8 participants 
November 8-17, 2023
February 28 - March 08, 2024
March 13-22, 2024
November 20-29, 2024
Tuition: $7,215


"the SAINT-TROPEZ of Brasil"

Featuring 26 Beaches In One Small Majestic Peninsula
Totally Exclusive, Frequented By Brazilian and International Stars For Decades 


Tropical Adventure

The constant east breeze caressing your body, the crystal emerald waters, and the sound of the baby waves gingerly licking the sand seem like a romantic movie backdrop built to impress. The wind generates a distinctive climatic condition lending an average of 78.8°F (26°C) year around. Búzios arid weather has two to three times more unclouded days than anywhere in Rio de Janeiro.

One incredible uniqueness of Búzios is that although considered a high-end beach resort, the town maintains a provincial feel. Only three hours from Rio, ​​ the city was originally a fisherman's village occupied by Indians, French, Portuguese, and even pirates. 

It is not by coincidence that Búzios attracts celebrities of the caliber of Madonna, Matthew McConaughey, Raquel Welch, and Mick Jagger. The charming architecture from that time is preserved and present until this day all over town. Most houses have the particular "Buziano" architectural style, characterized by the low height of colonial constructions (no more than two stories), Spanish tile roofs, handcrafted materials, eucalyptus beams, glass, and a vast protected ecosystem. This style is present not only in private residences but also in businesses around town.

Delight yourself with the local cuisine, from amazingly affordable "homemade" meals to many top-ranking international delicacies with restaurants with outdoor terraces and ocean views. You are in for a treat from seafood to the delicious Brazilian "churrasco" or "feijoada"!

Commonly known as just "Búzios," the 4.97mls (8km) peninsula is a lively international beach resort eternalized in the 1960s by the French icon Brigitte Bardot and well-known for its peculiar architecture, nonchalant atmosphere, cobblestone streets, and 26 unique beaches.


This All-Inclusive Experience Will Live In Your Soul Forever

Workshop Details

This Dazzling Photography Immersion Workshop Includes All Accommodations, Transportation, Snorkeling, Discovery Scuba Diving, Vista Trails, Buggy Rides, Hiking, Sailboat Trips, Local Cuisine, Private Parties, and More ...


Majestic Sunsets 

Historic Architecture

Luxury Adventure Experience

Staggering Views

Private Sail

Enjoy Local Delicacies

Adventure For Days

A Curated, Private Experience, Rooted in the EXCENTRIC Spirit of BRASIL

Hike Trails

Buggy Rides

Private Dinners, and Private Tours

Rare Pink Sand

Learn more about the adventure that awaits you in this Photography Workshop


The peninsula of Búzios is a perfect setting for an adventure photography workshop retreat. Its geography resembles an island; we are always no more than 10 minutes away from everywhere. 

Our Adventure starts and ends in Rio de Janeiro. You should be at the International Airport (GIG) no later than the morning of the first workshop day to catch the transport from Rio to Búzios and participate in our welcome dinner. We'll bring you back to Rio International Airport in the afternoon of the last workshop day. The transport will take you to the AirBnB to gather with Vitor and attend our welcome dinner at a famous local restaurant overlooking the water.

Our intense photography schedule is sprinkled with nature adventure, luxurious sets, gastronomy indulgence, cultural experiences, and historic architecture opportunities.

With 26 beaches within reach, we'll visit as many as our schedule permits. Búzios' topography diversity will take us to pink-colored sands and crystal clear emerald waters. From tiny and more extensive beaches enclosed between embankments, coral reefs, and wild flora to hidden and isolated natural pools encrusted in stunning cliffs. 

BÚZIOS - Cinematic Views Anywhere You Look

Surprisingly Búzios is home to a virgin Atlantic forest. On your way up, we'll probably encounter rare Golden Lion Monkey, sloths, marmoset tamarin, and ancient Pau-Brasil trees! 

Characterized by dense massifs of coastal Precambrian origin, the endemic specimen, "Piloso Sereus Ulei" cactus, is featured in the mountain. It's a 40 min trail that will take your breath away when you reach the top. Have your gear ready. The sunset will leave you speechless.

Serra de las Emerências - Atlantic Forest on The Beach

The Islands of Búzios - Exemplary Ecosystem

The islands of Búzios allow for an ideal ecosystem for sea life, corals, and birds. We'll visit Feia, Branca, Caboclo, Rasa, and paradisiac Âncora island. 

The swamp of malhada is home to anthropological, geological, and archaeological reserves and houses many species of fauna and flora, besides being the home of various colorful butterflies, over 30 bromeliads, orchid species, and monkeys.

Reserva Ecológica Tauá - Bromeliads and Orchids Land

With rock formations of more than 520 million years, this historical area has the same geological characteristics as the Himalayas. Yet, amazingly Ponta da Lagoingha is the precise spot where the American and African continents started to disjoin, and the massive Pangea Continent perished.

Ponta da Lagoinha - Geological Monument

Our photography sessions will combine dawn, sunset, night photography, whole light, and drone opportunities. I'll be guiding everyone and making sure all goes smoothly. We'll have editing and image review sessions as well.

During our downtime, we'll have fun riding buggies, snorkeling, sliding down the dunes, soaking into the natural crystalline water pools, going on boat rides, exploring different locations, experiencing the typical local cuisine, going on boat rides, and impacting the communities.

And when to take a break, seize the moment, and let the peculiar natural beauty of this particular part of the world imprint in your memory forever. We never know when we'll have another chance to witness such scenery.


Pack Your Bags

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- private boat ride
- Bahamas-blue waters
- sparkling white sand beaches 

- exclusive AirBnB
- historic architecture
- international fine dining
- traditional Brazilian delicacies
- vista trails
- buggy ride

- 26 beaches
- surrounding islands
- sunrises
- sunsets
- snorkeling
- local craftsmanship
- Quilombo locals' portraits
- historic geological site

We carefully curated this experience, thinking of every detail possible to ensure a magical journey for all participants

What's Included

All Accommodations Between the Workshop Days. We'll all stay together at an AirBnB in Búzios.

- AirBnB in Búzios
- Double Occupancy Rooms
- Single Room Available for Extra Charge

Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners Featuring Authentic Local Cuisine.
Get ready to feast!

- Welcome Dinner
- Private Barbeque Dinner
- Typical Delicacies
- Catered Boat Rides

Private transportation Throughout the Workshop, including to and from the Airport to Lodging.

- Private Sailboats
- Beach Buggy
- Air Conditioned Vans

Individualized Photographic Guidance and Instruction from Vitor Lindo helping you every step of the way

- Aerial Photography
- Easy Panorama Stitching
- Combining Multiple Exposures
-And much more ...

+15 years of Experience Local Tour Guide who know all the perfect spots away from crowds

- Satellite Phone For Your Safety 
- Permits and Protected Areas Entry Fees
- All Tips for Local Guides and Drivers
- Translation Services During Workshop
- Vitor is fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish

Unforgettable Moments, Lifetime Friendships Bathed by Cultural Immersion

- Positive Impact on Local Communities via Food Donation To Children in Need



We handle all transportation during the workshop.

- Any Baggage Fees
- Flights To and From Your Home
- Transportation To/From Your Origin Airport 
- Trip Cancelation Insurance (recommended)
- Medical Evacuation Insurance (recommended)
-Travel Medical Insurance (recommended)


We provide Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners Featuring Local Cuisine.

- Snacks
- Extra Water
- Alcoholic Beverages
- Juices and Soft drinks


We provide all necessary plans and logistics throughout the workshop.

- Medications
- Laundry, Phone Calls
- Other Personal Expenses
- Immunizations, if Applicable
- Passport and Visa, Fees if Applicable
- Lodging before and after the workshop 

Our Workshops are all-inclusive, we take care of all necessary arrangements to ensure you don't have to think of anything except enjoy the ride, but there are a handful of things we do not include. You can find them below.


Invest in Your Story


$2,500 PAY NOW


Tuition For This Luxury Adventure Photography Retreat: $7,215

Pay In Full

$6,493 PAY NOW

(10% Discount Applied)

November 8-17, 2023

$2,500 PAY NOW


Pay In Full

$6,493 PAY NOW

(10% Discount Applied)

Feb 28-Mar 08,2024

$2,500 PAY NOW


Pay In Full

$6,493 PAY NOW

(10% Discount Applied)

March 13-22, 2024

$2,500 PAY NOW


Pay In Full

$6,493 PAY NOW

(10% Discount Applied)

November 20-29, 2024

A non-refundable $2,500 deposit holds your spot. If something comes up, you can transfer this deposit to a friend or to another workshop. The remaining tuition balance is due no later than 90 days before the starting date.

CANCELLATIONS: 120 days or more: your deposit is transferable to another of our workshops with no fees. 90 to 120 days: refund of 50% minus the deposit. 90 days or less: we won't be able to refund you. At any point and moment, if you wish to find someone to take your place, you must make all adequate financial arrangements with said person and notify Luana asap for the transfer at luanastudiomanager@gmail.com.

SINGLE OCCUPANCY: The accommodations are for double occupancy. A private room accommodation can be arranged for an additional charge of $1,000.

MORE INFO: More Info can be found on our FAQ Page. You can also read our Terms and Conditions.

BRING A SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Participants are encouraged to bring a non-photographer partner to experience the adventure together! Your significant other pay only 50% of the tuition and will not participate in photography classes and other photographers-only sites and events. Contact Luana at luanastudiomanager@gmail.com for the special rate.

TELL A FRIEND: Photographers who recommend our workshops to a photographer friend who sign-up for any of our workshops get a 25% discount, and the photographer friend gets 25% discount also. Contact Luana at luanastudiomanager@gmail.com for yours and your friend's discount.

EXTEND YOUR STAY: Photographers who wish to arrive at the workshop location before the workshop start date or to extend their stay afterward, please let Luana know of your plans at luanastudiomanager@gmail.com at least 120 days before your arrival, and we'll do our best to assist you.