How Can B2B Videos Skyrocket Your Sales?

How Can B2B Videos Skyrocket Your Sales?

Do you remember the first video on YouTube? I do. It was pretty simple and about the zoo. 

Who knew that after that video, the internet would be flooded with thousands of videos not only on YouTube but on the entire internet? 

Nowadays, people watch 1 billion hours of YouTube videos per day. Surprising right? Also, the videos are not limited to a few genres like how-to or comedy

Today, B2B Videos serve various purposes that help the business to increase its sales.

B2B Video Marketing has become one of the essential marketing tools used by marketers. In fact, according to recent research:

●     83% of marketers believe that video content is more effective than other content.

● As per recent research by Cisco, online videos would generate more than 82% of the consumer internet traffic by 2022.

●     72% of the customers like to learn about the product and services from the videos. 

You might ask? Why do B2B videos if my business is doing well? Well, we should ask big brands like Coca-Cola why they don’t stop advertising then.

By having a B2B Video Marketing, you can share more information about your services and products than images and text. 

What is B2B Video Marketing?

B2B Video Marketing is a digital marketing component and involves planning, developing, and sharing your content in the video format. 

There are many formats of the B2B video, including webinars/webcasts, YouTube videos, video podcasts, social media lives, and social native videos. 

Why Marketers Use B2B Videos to Increase Sales?

You not only sell your business proposition with a marketing video but also optimize your content. According to the forester’s report, it’s 53% times easier to rank a video in Google search results than the other content forms. 

Did you know, 59% of the B2B marketers select the video over the text content?

If you are still not persuaded about  Video Marketing, here are the top reasons why you should use the B2B Videos to increase sales:

● Would you like to read a 12-page E-book about hair vitamins or rather watch a 12 minutes video about that product? 

● Video educates and informs the viewer in a short period. 

● Text cannot build a personal connection. Video helps you make a more personalized connection. 

● The video makes the website stickier for users to spend more time and view more pages. 

Why are B2B Videos Important for Your Business?

Tell me how many times it happens with you that you open the Facebook post, and without reading the caption over the video, you just open the video immediately? 

This is why the algorithm and social media channels tell us that we, as viewers, love the video and consume it more. 

A large majority of the businesses already use B2B Videos. 

The reason is audiences like to watch this type of video content. In fact, 85% of people want to see more video content from future brands. 

Also, to make a good quality B2B Commercial Video,you don’t need to make a whole marketing campaign by investing a plethora of money. 

You can show the behind-the-day scenes, the ingredients you use, your operations and employees’ activity, and how your product is made/manufactured/packed. 

By educating the clients about your services and products, you are not letting them get lost in the marketing clichés and jargon. 

You are creating something that will ease any confusion they have about your brand, the benefits of your product and services, and your working team.

5 Strategies to Create Awesome B2B Videos

I have worked with several great marketing companies and clients creating and producing all kinds of B2B Video Marketing Servicesand here are a few tips I’d like to share.

1.Be Straight to the Point 

Before filming or marking any video, make sure your message intention is clear. What message you want to convey to the audience?

2.Communicate Visually

If your B2B video message is loud, your volume won’t have to be. 

Do you know 85% of the B2B videos on Facebook are watched without sound on? So, your video content should communicate visually, and it should be interesting enough to hook the audience even in mute. You can add captions, subtitles, or even explanatory graphics to the video.

3.Be Sharp, Short, and Shiny

If you are planning to make the 5 minutes video, chances are you will lose most of your audience by the time video will finish. 

Your B2B Videos can be as short as 30 seconds and as long as 10 minutes but remember what you show in the video. 

The perfect length, in my opinion, is between 1 to 3 minutes. Which is enough to hook the audience.

4.Call to Action (CTA)

The CTA tells the audience where they have to go next, find relevant services/products, or find more information on the video subject. 

You don’t need to put everything in your B2B video but make sure to make it easy for your business client to take the next step. 

5.Remember Who you Are Targeting

Make sure you are targeting the correct audience before you start the B2B Video Marketing Process. 

Your clients already have running businesses, and they also know marketing tactics. 

Popular Types of B2B Video Marketing 

1.Blog Videos

One of the most exciting options for B2B Video Marketing is blog videos. 

If your company has a blog page, you already have ample material for incredible Blog B2B Videos

Recycle your older blogs by producing a video highlighting your key points. Professionally filmed videos are viewed the most.

2.Service/Product Promotions

This type of B2B videos is produced using small video clips. 

The primary purpose of using video clips is to highlight the importance of social selling and help businesses get started. The perfect length of the video is 15 seconds long and can be used on Facebook or LinkedIn.

3.Corporate Brand Video 

The corporate brand videos are comprised of your company’s brand’s promise and what makes you stand out in the marketplace. 

4.Testimonial Video

Testimonial B2B videos basically show your satisfied previous business clients who loved your business. You can make such videos of the 2 minutes length to hook up the audience.

5.Education/Information Video 

In the B2B Videos arenaeducating the audience is a great way to market the company in front of your clients. You can show your company culture, what you are offering, and everything that gives the clients detailed information. 

Key Takeaways …

– If you are not publishing the B2B video content for your audience, you miss out. 

– Many B2B clients/businesses prefer to watch the content instead of reading it. 

– You can make different types of videos by analyzing the purpose of the B2B video.

Thanks for reading “How Can B2B Videos Skyrocket Your Sales?” 

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