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Engagement Ring Styles For Every Budget

August 30, 2021

Engagement Ring Styles For Every Budget


Finding the right engagement ring setting at the right price can seem like an uphill task. So how do you pick the right one for you with thousands of engagement ring options available on the market?

The first thing to appreciate is that selecting an engagement ring setting is a matter of personal preference. For example, while one person may find solitaire engagement rings classic, another may consider them too simple. Similarly, a vintage engagement ring might inspire wonder in one but appear outdated to another.

The profession is another thing to consider. Medical professionals might benefit from a slightly different style that won’t get in the way of their everyday work.

Luckily, today, there are countless different engagement ring settings available, with options to suit just about everyone’s tastes. 

In this guide, we have compiled a list of our top 4 picks within each budget range. 

We’ve also included rings at various price points, from elegant yet affordable options to an assortment of more ornate, intricate, and costly settings. 

Whether you’re on a limited budget or want to spring for the very best, we’ve included a variety of options to suit you. 

Best Engagement Ring Under $2,500

In this budget range, we suggest a diamond halo or pavé setting.  

These settings can enhance the appearance of a smaller, central stone. Remember that you can easily customize all our picks with your choice of metals, diamonds, or gemstones. 

#1. 18K Gold Two-Tone Ribbon Bypass Solitaire Engagement Ring

This exquisite and modern piece features a unique two-ribbon design that “branches” out along the outer edges then interlocks towards the center, framing the center stone in a beautiful double-prong setting. 

The interlocking ribbons come in two-tone 18k gold, providing a dazzling contrast to the ring bands. 

#2. 18K Yellow Gold Criss-Cross Diamond Solitaire

If ring real estate is a significant factor for you, you cannot go wrong with the 18k yellow gold cross diamond solitaire engagement ring. 

This solitaire engagement ring delivers a stunning display of elegance with beautifully arching shanks sweeping from the back edge to the front. 

#3. Simple Flower 18K White Gold

As the name suggests, the “Simple Flower” ring in 18k white gold is intricately designed as a four-petal flower, with each petal formed from four smaller diamonds. 

The four petals ring a central diamond of your choice, enhancing its brilliance. The ring comes with a total of twenty stones. 

#4. Cushion Duet Halo Diamond 

If a ring that makes a bold statement is what you have in mind, you cannot go wrong with the cushion duet halo diamond engagement ring. 

The ring has a melee of diamonds surrounding the centerpiece diamond along with a cushion-shaped halo, offering unparalleled brilliance at a sub-$2500 price point. 

Best Engagement Ring Settings Under $5,000

At a more mid-range level, picking a diamond engagement ring setting for under $5,000 gives you a few more options than a lower budget. 

Consider looking for more detailed ring settings that can give you a more unique ring when complete. 

Another option is to choose a simple ring setting and purchase a higher carat stone — a great option if you want a high-value ring that does not look too complex. 

Whatever your approach, the options we’ve shared are a great place to start on your hunt for the perfect diamond engagement ring setting under $5,000. 

#1. Pavé Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring 

Luxury and elegance meet in this unique piece featuring a classic cathedral-style center stone gallery flanked by a chain of scalloped pavé diamond accent stones. 

The setting enhances the brilliance of the center diamond through a four-pronged design that allows light to catch the diamond from all sides. 

#2. Petal Pavé Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

The Petal Pavé ring setting features a unique split-prong design that transforms the ring’s prongs into petal-like supports for the centerpiece diamond. 

The ring’s shoulders bring out the petal motif further by tapering off instead of linking into the bridge of the ring. Exquisite pavé diamonds run along the petals and band sides to complete the design.  

#3. 14K Verragio White Gold Halo Engagement Ring

If a round diamond is too common for you, try this stunning all-white oval diamond halo engagement ring. 

The ring’s exuberant design is nothing short of breathtaking, featuring an oval centerpiece diamond surrounded by a halo of open pavé brilliants.

Completing the look is a string of closed pavé accent stones lining the ring’s white gold bands. 

#4. Princess Z Bezel Diamond Engagement Ring

A full-bezel diamond engagement ring, the Princess Z is a work of art that does not compromise the traditional bezel design. Instead, the centerpiece diamond is set within a deep bezel well, creating robust housing for the precious stone. 

The ring’s bands feature covered accent stones of reducing sizes, running a third way around the band.

Best Engagement Ring Settings Under $7,500

At $7,500 and below, your options for a diamond engagement ring setting are vast. Here are our top picks in the $7,500 budget range.

 #1. 14K White Gold Abbraccio Swirl Engagement Ring

The diamond-studded swirl perfectly protects your center stone. It’s the perfect combination of style and elegance.

#2. Oval-Cut Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

A unique oval cut characterizes this stunning piece from The Gallery Collection. Three oval diamonds mounted on a classic yet straightforward cathedral-style girdle result in an extremely brilliant ring setting. 

The ring setting comes in platinum, which adds to the overall dazzling nature of this gorgeous piece.

#3. Eterna Natural Side Stone Diamond Engagement Ring 

The Eterna side-stone diamond engagement ring blends a classic milgrain design with a contemporary emerald-cut center stone and side stones. Accentuating each stone is a halo of round-cut brilliants. 

Further enhancing the ring’s design is a set of closed pavé stones running along the ring’s outer shanks. Finally, you will find fine milgrain detailing under the bridge that rounds off this fabulous ring setting.

#4. Grande Falling Edge Halo Diamond Engagement Ring 

Brilliantly set with a disco of diamonds, this exquisite piece’s design covers the upper half of the ring with diamonds. 

The centerpiece diamond is surrounded by a single line halo of smaller round stones, while the shanks are covered in tiny pavé-style diamonds lining the outer edges two-thirds around the band. 

The ring setting is available in platinum, and 14k/18k rose, white, or yellow gold. 

Wrapping Up

There are engagement ring options to fit any budget. After that, it’s just a matter of figuring out what’s suitable for you and your bride-to-be. 

No doubt, the rush of getting an engagement ring, proposing, and planning a wedding can make anyone a little lightheaded. 

The engagement ring you (or both) choose says everything — you love that person and want to spend your life together and build a future. 

Part of that future may mean being responsible in your spending now, but that doesn’t mean it has to look that way. 

Choosing from the list we have prepared means you’d be one step away from taking your love life to the next level.


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