• Tell us about the courtship: We had the most awkward first date imaginable when we first met in 2015. Neither one of us thought we would see the other again. But destiny took over. We discovered that we had similar passions, from watching re-runs of The Office and playing with Lizzie to exploring Chicago and traveling to National Parks. We wanted more from each other and here we are now about to get married.

  • Tell us about the proposal: Our proposal was very special. Priyanka had already expressed that she would not want to be asked that question in public in front a lot of people. To propose, Amogh got down on one knee at the place where they had their first date…in the middle of the University of Illinois campus with people walking around everywhere, much to Priyanka’s dismay. He handed her a piece of paper with instructions for a scavenger hunt and it took Priyanka to all of the special places around Champaign that were meaningful for their relationship. At each location stood a close friend ready with the next clue. As Priyanka made her way through the clues, Amogh made his way to the final spot: a secluded park where we spent a lot of time on walks with Lizzie, getting to know each other, and falling in love. Priyanka obviously said yes!

  • What has you most excited about the wedding? Spending time with friends and family. Seeing everyone we care about in one place to celebrate a joyous event. Seeing how happy each other will be as we solidify spending the rest of our lives together. Who could ask for anything more knowing you get to live with your best friend forever.

  • Why did you choose the venues and locations that you chose? We always have loved Charleston with its beautiful southern charm and hospitality and could not think of a better place to get married. As soon as we saw Wild Dunes, we knew it was the place we wanted to get married, our eyes lit up and we did not even have to discuss it as we both fell in love with the location . I always wanted to get married on a beach and this was just like a dream come true.

  • How does your partner make you a better person? Amogh is the most humble and grounded person you would ever meet. You automatically become a nicer person in his company . He is the funniest, smartest and the most caring person you would know. I am sure all our family and friends would definitely agree with that as well. Priyanka is always energetic and shows everyone the brighter side of life. There’s never a dull or boring moment with her. She can brighten up any day/room and make it something to remember. She is very supportive and caring to all those she cherishes.