Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing

Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing

Since half of the internet is dominated by Video Marketing, if you are not creating videos for your business, fair chances you are falling behind. 

Let’s discover with me how video marketing can nurture your business without putting any effort!

You might be guilty of wasting half of your social media time surfing in watching the videos online. But indeed, you are not alone! 

Nowadays, the internet is all about videos and memes.

The reason is simple; videos are easy on the eyes and easy to digest. Today, people find it hard to read the plethora of textual information online. We all are in this together.  

You might find it shocking that more video content is uploaded on the internet in 30 days than the video content created by famous U.S TV networks in the last thirty years!

This is quite huge. So let’s dig in other amazing facts about Video Marketing:

Video marketing can promote your brand, build customer rapport, and create awareness about your product and services. 

Besides these essential functions, you can use this type of marketing to show customer testimonials, delivering viral and fun content, and live stream the events. 

But no need to worry! Now is the perfect time to capitalize if you haven’t started doing videos for your business yet. 

In this simple guide, I have listed all the essentials of Video Marketing you may need and how I, as a Commercial Videographer, help businesses create brand awareness and handle their social media by offering valuable content through Video Marketing and Photography in Savannah, GA, and worldwide.

Why is Video Marketing Successful?

Nobody likes to read the three pages of product description or lengthy company history.

Video can immediately engage and offer versatility to your audience by showing what they want. 

Here are some reasons why videos are successful :

  • Videos are quickly shared across the internet. 
  • They make it easy to absorb the information.
  • Consumers like videos as they are entertaining, engaging, and easy to digest.
  • Marketers also like it because video offers a huge ROI (Return on Investment) through various channels. 

While some go with the professional level high-quality videos while other stick to the simple videos without getting help from a commercial videographer, without any doubt, videos are easy to watch and produce. 

However, professional videos are more compelling, and getting professional video marketing services to do your video can effectively create real hype about your business. 

Example of Effective Video Marketing 

Let’s take an example. I recently came across this Go Pro’s (Camera Makers) viral video, and I caught myself feeling emotional about it. 

In this video, they showed a real-life story of a firefighter and a kitten. The firefighter went inside a house that was on fire with the GoPro camera on his helmet. He then found a tiny kitten suffering from inhalation. He saved the kitten with some oxygen and water.

This video is incredibly emotional, and without any monologues, it successfully won the audience’s heart (and I’m not a cat person.) Guess if I shared the video several times …

5 Powerful reasons for Using Video Marketing 

According to Outbrain, 87% of marketers use video content in their marketing campaigns. Here’s why!

  1. Video Generate Great ROI

One of video marketing’s striking factors is that it offers you a great return on investment (ROI). Video production is an inexpensive task compared to traditional marketing campaigns and offers enormous ROI. 

The videos’ content and quality are what matters most. Users tend to put off videos that don’t explain the product and services enough. So high quality is the cherry on the top!

2. Video Boost Sales and Conversion

We’ve been producing videos for B2B and B2C companies not only in Savannah, GA but nationally and internationally. 

The feedback is always related to how much the footage attracted target audiences and converted leads into sales from the first day the video was posted or used by their sales team.

If you add a powerful video to your landing page, you can surely increase your conversion rate, not to mention brand awareness. 

If professionally done with proper marketing strategies, your company video can give your business the edge to stand out from the crowd.

3. Google Loves Videos 

Do you know you are 53% more likely to show up in the first result of Google if you have a well-done video fixed on the website? 

Videos increase the time spent by your visitors on your website. 

So, the users spend more time on your site, sending high search engine signals, enhancing trust, and showing Google that your site has good content. And Google loves good content!

4. Video Marketing Can Explain Anything Easily

If you advertise a new product or service, nothing could be better than showing product reviews and testimonials videos. 

For example, make an explainer video about your product or services, how it can help your target audience, and what impact it can create. 

You can make the video-making process easy by hiring professional videographers.

We recently created and produced an explainer video for a local company struggling to get the message across to potential B2B customers. 

The video added a powerful tool to their sales team. They don’t need to explain much anymore. Just close the deal because the video says it all!

5. Videos Build the Trust

What’s better than video to build customers’ trust? 

Video Marketing’s whole concept is based on building long-term relationships and trust. Below you’ll learn about some types of video marketing.

Types of Video Marketing 

We offer different types of Video Marketing in Savannah, GA. 

Here are the types I am offering to my corporate customers, companies, marketers, and businesses:

  1. The Explainer

If your business provides services and products that need a more detailed explanation of how it works and benefits your potential client, an explainer video can help you tremendously. 

These videos can be posted on your homepage and typically features voiceover, graphics over products, services, and location images in a very engaging and cinematic way.

2. The Spot 

The classic 15-30 seconds commercial is commonly known as the spot. 

This type of video marketing content varies depending on the brand and story you want to tell. 

You can show such videos in YouTube videos, commercial breaks, or even before trailers, requiring a more elaborate production.

3. The Product Demonstration

The product demonstration video is different from the explainer since you do not explain your product functionality but show off its benefits and perks.

4. Behind the Scenes (BTS) Video

You can do this type of video marketing to show your manufacturing, development, or distribution of goods and services. 

Audiences love the craftsmanship of products.

5. Company Culture Video

Company culture videos have two purposes.

The first purpose is to show the company culture to potential customers, and the second is to attract potential employees. 

This video marketing intends not to sell the service and product rather to market you as a reliable brand. 

6. Customer Testimonial Video 

What’s better than showing potential customers your existing customer’s passion for your product? 

When you show how excited and satisfied your current customers are about your product, the potential clients will likely see themselves using your product and start trusting your brand almost instantly. Nowadays, reviews and testimonials are very beneficial to any business.

How to Get Started with Video Marketing?

You can easily follow the below easy steps and quickly start the video marketing process with Vitor Lindo Photo + Video. 

  1. Select your target audience.

2. Write down your priorities and what you are trying to accomplish.

3. Plan out your video marketing budget.

4. Decide on your marketing video type. 

5. Lastly, decide where you want the video published.

From concept and script to the final product with fully customized packages based on your budget, we are a full-service company. 

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