Westin Beach Engagement Photos | Hilton Head, SC

You wouldn’t be able to tell from the photos but we almost had to cancel this shoot because of the rain. Meredith and Cassidy were such troopers and decided to brave the weather. We got really lucky and it opened up right before the shoot. The result are these stunning images that really left me breathless. As many of you know I shoot with real ilm and I feel like it’s the only way to achieve color and texture like this. The bluest blues without being saturated or ugly. The Contax 645 really is a magical camera when combined with the 80mm Zeiss…. the Bokeh, contrast and rendering are outstanding and The Find Lab really did a superb job. Enjoy this Westin Beach Engagement Photos | Hilton Head, SC.


Hilton Head Engagement Photos-16

Westin Beach Engagement Photos | Hilton Head, SC.

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