Top 10 Reasons Why Video is Better than Other Mediums

Top 10 Reasons Why Video is Better than Other Mediums

If a picture tells a thousand words…how many words would a video tell? 

This article will give you 10 top reasons for choosing a video for marketing over any other content.

A few days ago, I took my daily scroll intake on Facebook, and my newsfeed was overwhelmed with the videos. 

Nowadays, if a picture speaks a thousand words, then the video indeed speaks millions of words. 

You could say if video marketing content is the future, then it is here. 

You might be amazed to know only online videos are accounting for more than 82% of all the customer traffic by the year 2022. Wonderful, right? 

Videos are not new innovations as they have been here for quite a long time and are not going anywhere anytime soon. If your competitors are uploading videos on their social media platforms, they are doing video marketing on social media. Guess why? You got it, right? Leads, leads, and leads!

However, video is more than just the leads and marketing. Here’s why!

● Videos help you make a personal and memorable connection with the viewer. 

● You can use the videos to show your customers that you are more than another impersonal operation.

● The viewers think their emotions are understandable on an individual level. 

●     Video marketing results in the form of more credibility, reach, and business. 

● Through video, you are not just existing; you are offering many benefits you can’t get from the marketing copy. 

I will share my top 10 reasons why video marketing is 100x better than the other content marketing forms.

Let’s dig in the reasons!

My Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use Videos

1.Videos Engage Audience and Grab their Attention

Combining sound and visuals, there is nothing that a video can’t do. It fantastically hooks the audience, unlike a long-written paragraph. 

When you are mindlessly scrolling the social media feed, only the most captivating content tends to make the score for your attention.

Also, as a fact, consumers are 27 times more likely to click on the online video ad than the standard web banner ad. 

So, if your videos have a catchy hook and appealing content in the whole video and a final gripping Call To Action, be ready to expect more engagement from your audience. 

Extra TipYou should place the clear indicators at the beginning of the video to reduce the chances of the scroll away.

2.Videos Show Non-Verbal Communication

How many times it happens to you that you watch the video on social media without the sound on? Million times, right? 

With video, audiences can decide precisely what the speaker is trying to say by observing the verbal tone, body language, and different visual cues.

Extra TipYou can add visual characters, animations, and graphics to even convey your message non-verbally in video marketing.

3.Videos Increase the Shares

Commonly, people share videos on their Facebook profiles and Instagram stories. 

Video marketing on social media brings about 1200% additional shares than the images and text merged. 

The number is predicted to increase as video nowadays are so common. You see it virtually everywhere. Almost everyone you know has Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook accounts, and social media enthusiasts often share the video on their timelines. 

Videos are an excellent way for them to express themselves through a video message, and this is why many people find videos trustworthy to share.

Extra TipAdd Call to actions like “share now!” or “send to your loved ones!” to increase your video content’s shareability. 

4.Video Presents Rich and Quick Content

Who likes to read the 5 minutes article when they can have the information from the 1-minute video? It is no hidden fact that reading a piece of content takes much longer than watching. 

Most of the time, you lose interest while listening to the podcast as it lacks the visual element. 

Visual content has the talent to condense the large form of content. You can’t resist yourself when the visuals, aesthetics combined with the audio give you information faster than any other form of content. 

Extra TipTo make the video marketing content quick and rich, add the graphics, facts, quick stats, and other catchy elements, so your audience understands the concept quickly.  

5.Video Incites the Call to Action

If your audience has to find your CTA with a telescope’s help, what is your video’s purpose for marketing

Also, I have concluded through stats that a video generates 380% more clicks than a regular CTA in the written content. In short, video boosts a user’s probability of taking action.

The reason is simple as video implements the more reliable interaction as viewers are captivated by what the speaker has to say in the video.

If you are not adding the CTA in your video marketing content, you may be stopping tons of conversions. 

Extra tip: Note this point, Add Call-to-action most naturally! You can take inspiration from the Vloggers and famous doubters. As a result, it will be more satisfactory, leading to more conversions. 

6.Video gives your Brand Exposure

If you are a marketer, you have to know how important a video is for your brand exposure. 

According to 97% of the marketers, the video has increased their users’ understanding of the product/service, enhancing their brand awareness. 

For brand awareness, you can add the logos, brand colors in the video, watermark the video, or add the elements representing your brand as a whole. 

After all, the primary purpose is to ensure your brand is not hidden. 

Extra tipYou can make the video marketing process more accessible by adding company name in your title plus compelling headlines. 

7.Video offers the Best Search Engine Results

Have you ever found it challenging to rank in the first Google three search pages? Nowadays, it’s not enough to just get published as nobody likes to watch/read the non-compelling content. But what may take a single video to articulate may need the 5 web pages to express. 

Google considers the only high-quality and highly relevant video, making them easier to rank than written content. 

The high-quality content, catchy SEO keyword embedded headlines, and fewer videos online reach the audience when they search their queries/keywords.

What if I tell you videos are 45x more likely to rank on the 1st page of Google than the text result? Indeed, nobody can stop you now from making the gripping video content.

Extra TipAdd the keywords naturally in the video title and optimize the video description. 

8.It Personifies Your Company

Who doesn’t like the BTS (Behind The Scenes) of their favorite movie or fashion shoot? I enjoy watching them a lot. 

So, if you want to build customer trust, personifying the business could be a great way to attract your target audience. A video can be a great way to let your audience/followers see behind the business’s scenes and processes, ultimately contributing to the brand’s transparency. 

BTS reveals how you create and work for familiarity with the people inside your brand and why prospective clients want to work with you. 

Extra TipIf you are a business, don’t just post the same old company culture video. Instead, add fun elements like challenge videos, funny games videos and show how positively you contribute to the environment.

9.Videos are Popular, and Your Competitor is Using them!

Everyone loves to watch the video. That’s why videos have billions of views per day. This ensures that you are reaching your audience anyway.

Also, don’t just get jealous of your competitor generating leads and converting them into sales. Instead, you can do even better by creating compelling and gripping videos. 

Extra TipTo get ahead of your competition, and make excellent video marketing for business, choose a professional videographer to get it done right.

10.Videos Are Good For Your Budget!

If you want a promotional campaign that’s lucrative and less costly than traditional marketing as well, capitalize on the professional video marketing campaign. Once you created a video, it can be shared online on multiple platforms, including your business website, social media, and YouTube.

Extra TipIf you need to have a successful video marketing campaign, invest in a professional Video Marketing Company. 

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