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Professional Photography for Weddings in Savannah

You’re in a beautiful moment. The scenery is breathtaking, the clarity of the world around you is unmatched by anything you’ve ever experienced. You can see the heartwarming expressions of the people around you, and you wish you could stay in this moment forever.

With professional photography, your moment can last a lifetime. Whether it’s your big day, walking down the aisle in the wedding of your dreams, or a celebration of your love as you plan your life together after getting engaged, the photos you have of these moments will forever mark your memories of the occasion. When you hire a professional photographer, these moments will come to life when you look at them on the pages of your albums and the walls in your home together, now or fifty years later.

It is the passion Vitor Lindo has for the world around him that sets his professional photography apart from others. He uses modern techniques and his artistic vision to truly see people and read the moment, allowing him to capture beautiful, candid shots. His photography process is simply joyful, making his subjects feel at ease with his friendly demeanor.

What makes Vitor one of the best photographers in Savannah, GA is his focus on the moments shared between people, and showcasing their strong, unbreakable bonds and connections. He takes one of a kind wedding pictures and engagement pictures for couples in Savannah, Georgia, as well as stunning editorial shoots and family photography photoshoots. He captures not only the look, but also the feeling of a moment in his photographs. He showcases the natural beauty of Savannah, GA in many of his photoshoots and creates an airy, magical feel in all of his prints.


A Full Range of Professional Photography Services

Professional Photography

Wedding Photography

You’ve always been told, it will be the biggest day of your life – the day you get married. This day is a whirlwind of emotion for everyone involved as you celebrate your love with your friends and family. These moments you will remember for the rest of your life. You’ll want the photographs of the occasion to reflect the significance of this event. This is not a day you should leave up to chance, or the cell phone pictures of your guests. You’ll want to remember how it felt walking down the aisle to the love of your life, or waiting at the altar for your amazing partner. Vitor and his professional photography team will capture the magic of every aspect of your big day.

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Engagement Photography

When you’re in love, when you know you’ve found the one, everyone around you notices. They can see a spark in your smile, a twinkle in your eye. Don’t you wish you could see it too? With gorgeous photos of your loving relationship, you can. Give your partner a chance to see how they look through your eyes with artful and intimate engagement photos. There’s a special sort of glow couples get when they decide to spend the rest of their lives together, and you will want to remember this relationship high for the rest of your life. Vitor Lindo’s professional photography can take that feeling of pure bliss and harness it in a snapshot; one that you’ll treasure forever.

Family Photography Savannah

Family Photography

One of the bittersweet joys of being a parent is watching your children grow. You wish they could stay young forever, but you get happiness from watching them evolve into more mature, capable versions of themselves. Flip through time by having yearly professional photography sessions with your Savannah experts at Vitor Lindo Photography. You can see your family transform each year, and memories of the beloved moments you’ve had with them over the years will be with you always. Don’t settle for staged, rigid, and impersonal family portraits. Vitor Lindo will capture the personality and love that your family radiates, and your resulting prints will be unique and special.
Vitor Lindo is dedicated, observant, and passionate in his capturing of life’s favorite moments. If you’d like to freeze a moment in time, and re-live that moment as often as possible, a professional photography session with Vitor Lindo is absolutely necessary. Time doesn’t stand still, but with Vitor Lindo photography, you can make any special moment last a lifetime.