Product Demonstration Video Vs. Product Promotional Video

Product Demonstration Video Vs. Product Promotional Video

Product demonstration video or product promotional video? The marketing team asks each other the confusing question regarding the product’s leads, conversion, and sales.

Instead of telling your target audience about your product or service purpose, are you simply promoting it? 

If you are not telling customers what’s for them in your product or services, how will they understand your promotion? 

To rescue your marketing strategies, here comes the product demonstration video at your disposal!  

As a marketer, you may know the difference between both, but are you really differentiating them when it comes to selecting the right marketing strategy? Basically, the only similarity between them is they should be interesting enough to grab the audience’s attention.

In my early ’20s, I remember the uniqueness and lively animation style were the main features that make promotional videos stand out from other brand videos. 

On the other hand, the product demo was pretty typical to use by the brands before the arrival of the professional promotional video emergence. 

Nowadays, demonstration videos are rising again. They are commonly used in e-commerce or business videos, displaying the real-life use of certain products. 

Difference Between the Product Demonstration Video and Product Promotional Video? 

Demonstration and promotional videos are the two distinct genres of video content marketing with unique strengths and functions. However, they work collectively in the same conversion funnel but at different process stages.

Let’s take this example!

Promotional videos can be used at an early conversion stage, while a product demo is more useful when closing sales. 

The promotional video will determine the final output more than its visual properties do. 

The same rule applies to the demo videos. Again, it doesn’t matter if you are featuring the CEO, Hollywood star, or busboy; if your content is not entertaining, valuable, or accurate, you may not reach anywhere. 

This means the content is still king!

This article will find out the striking differences between the Product Demonstration Video and promotional video. Also, we know by now the main difference between the product demo video and promo video. So, now is the time to understand why your business may need the product demo. 

Let’s dig in deeper!

Why you may need a Product Demo Video for Your Business?

Product demonstration is one of the best ways to offer potential customers a nudge to the buyer’s journey in the last stage. 

Your demonstration video elaborates your products or services functions and points out how it can solve the customers’ pain point and why your product is the best solution for them. 

Sounds simple yet exciting? Keep on reading the below facts to know the benefits of the product demonstration video.

  • Product demo can increase the conversions as 8 out of 10 have purchased the product after seeing the video. 
  • Product demonstration video makes sure that your viewers fully understand your product, eventually leading to more leads. 
  • You can convey your message within minutes, decreasing your target audience’s chances of clicking away from your content. 
  • Video is the kind of content with the highest return on investment.
  • When you use the videos, you’ll be able to make a presence on the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube. 

Do you know 55% of the customers consult from the online videos before buying a product? 

As a marketer, if you add video demonstration to your content marketing strategy, it could be one of the best adoptions you will make this year.

How to Make a Product Demonstration Video?

The product demo video is one of the versatile videos you will make for your business. 

First, however, you must know how to create one solid demonstration video that directly hits the right spot.

Here’s how you can create a compelling product demo video: 

Identify Your Video Goal and Target Audience

If you really want to jump into the filming process right away, keep calm and determine what goal you want to achieve from the video and what action you want your viewers to take from it. 

Do you want to promote sales, educate the viewers, or create awareness? Think of your target audience and see if the video is reaching the targeted people first.

Include and Discuss Your Key Features 

Write down a feature list of your products and services and see which ones you really want to display in front of your audience. 

For instance, if your product is a Vacuum, you may want to highlight its warranty or battery life, easy-to-remove filters, or vacuum heads. 

Talk and display the features that customers would generally ask for in the store and try for themselves. Make the product easy to use and professional. 

Show Before and After

In your demo videos, including before and after of the product’s result. 

Without showcasing the product or service’s visible results, the audience will be doubtful and may lose the trust of your brand. Also, make sure you are showing the before and after in the most realistic way. 

Try to Keep Video Length Under 2 Minutes

Video attention span is small so keep your demo video short and a minimum of 2 minutes. Videos of 2 minutes will offer you enough time to introduce the service/product correctly while preserving the audience’s attention. 

Display the Product from Different Angles

Try to show your product from numerous angles. Viewers like videos because they offer perspective and information that are otherwise inaccessible to them. 

If you are using the video to support your product online, including the product’s shots from angles. 

Make the Content Adaptive and Interactive 

Viewers want to control what they view and find the information relevant according to their personal needs. So, give them what they want to see and use cooperating in-store signage to manage and search for the content. 

Upload the video on YouTube

Once you make the demo video, upload it to your YouTube channel. Even if you upload the videos on other locations, such as on your store or website, you also need to add them to your YouTube. 

A video uploaded on YouTube shows higher online searches so that you may attract more attention from the public.

Don’t Make the Videos for Intention of Going Viral.

Never make online videos for going viral! 

Even if you make a video to be sent online, don’t think about the product demo video as a chance to go viral. 

Remember that the sole purpose of your video is to boast and sell out the product/service. Therefore, if you want to create a viral campaign, you should use a diverse strategy that doesn’t emphasize a single item like product specifications. 

Hire a Professional Videographer 

A good demo video requires good quality, compelling content strategy, good product, and other factors to make it stand out from the crowd. 

Content and products can be done by yourself, but what about the quality of the video? Are you compromising on it? Even if you are making a short video, quality matters a lot!

If you are looking for a professional videographer to help you with the quality, you can check my previous assignments. I have worked with many reputable clients and made many brand videos as a Savannah Videographer.

I’ve chanted about the product demonstration video much, now let’s see how product promotional video can contribute to your video content strategies. 

Product Promotional Video

A promo video is a content type used to promote the business service or products to the customer base. 

The ideal promotional videos are not essentially overt the sales pitches but instead make the story provoke the audience’s emotions to build empathy with a brand. 

There are many types of the product promotional video, including:

  • Testimonials
  • Explainer videos
  • Product launch
  • Team Introduction 
  • Tips and tricks
  • Behind the scenes

However, the demo video is not a promotional video as they are great for closing the sales, not for conversion purposes. 

When are Product Promo Videos Effective?

There are numerous B2C and B2B videos, but promos let you actually display and get your message across in a limited time. 

This type of video marketing is precisely what you need to advertise a particular product, event, or service. 

It also lets the qualities of the products and services integrate within a short period assures you that the message has hit the customers’ pain point. 

The other benefits of promo videos are:

  • It’s an excellent medium for appealing to the customers emotionally
  • Your customers are experiencing the product before buying it. 
  • You are grasping the customer’s attention successfully.


In other words, product demonstration videos and product promotion videos are similar in their capability to showcase the product. 

They can both be used for the service or product overview and increase the clicking and closing rate. Although they are similar, they have their own benefits that serve numerous purposes during the conversion funnel. 

At last, promotional videos are for marketing purposes, and demo video is a foolproof solution when your audiences are already familiar with your product or services. However, they still need to see the product’s usability. 

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