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Happy Beginnings

Michael Winship

charleston wedding planner


1. Favorite venue

The Governor Thomas Bennett House


2.What gives you butterflies in your stomach when you are planning a wedding?

Working side by side with couples throughout the entire planning journey creates a close bond that evolves into a lifetime friendship


3.If you were a bride/groom, what would be one think you couldn’t be without in your wedding celebration?



4.In your opinion, what’s the new wedding trend for 2019/20?

Eco-Conscious Weddings, Coral Palates, Simple-Classic Wedding Dresses


5.In a few words, describe your wedding style.

Creating authentic and refined weddings with an edge.


6.How many people you have in your team and how important they are for you?

My 3 wonderful assistant’s put their hearts into their work and can produce innovative ideas, products, and services that benefit both our couples and company.


7.Five wedding day moments that makes your heart skip.

Father-Daughter 1st look

Sending our brides down the aisle

When the couple steals me away for thankful hugs and kisses

Post Ceremony- when the couples realize OMG -this actually happened”

Ceremony with infectious laughter and tears epitomizes the love between couples


8.If you were an animal, which one you would be?

Great Dane


9.What is it exactly about weddings that make you do it?

Planning weddings are my lifestyle paired with passion. This comes naturally to me and I’m only as good as my couples.


10.At the end of a wedding day, what makes you feel that your “mission” was accomplished?

A flawless, stress free day with excellent flow from beginning to end.


11.Final advice for a bride:

“Never lose focus of the marriage while planning your wedding”


Michael Winship

Charleston Wedding Planner


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