7 Cool Ideas To Propose On Valentine’s Day 2021

7 Cool Ideas To Propose On Valentine’s Day 2021

Here you are. Trapped in love with a witty, elegant, and charming person, and you are already thinking of how to propose. This coming Valentine’s Day presents an opportunity for you to ask her/him to be your partner for life.

Popping the question is a big deal for most people, but you can achieve what you thought is difficult with careful planning. So, before you buy an engagement ring, you need to be on top of your game.

How do I be on top of my game, you asked? Relax! In this article, we will be offering 7 cool ideas to propose on Valentine’s Day. These ideas will surely help your nerves subside and give you a heads-up to do the right thing.

Let’s get started!

1. Propose in a Public Place for the World to See

Popping the question at a public place is an excellent idea if your other half loves PDA. Since it is something he/she would never expect, this gesture would cherish your engagement ring for the rest of your lives. 

We understand it is not easy to propose in front of a crowd, but hearing a “YES” after your proposal will make it worth your effort.

2. Use a T-Shirt To Propose

Do you have a plain white T-shirt? If yes, then the work is almost half done. If no, then process to the market to get one. Let your creative juices go wild in your proposal. 

You can print something like “Will You Marry Me” on the T-shirt. Wear a coat over it and invite her/him to meet you in her favorite park or café. 

After exchanging pleasantries, get down on your knees and reveal the question on your T-shirt with a big smile. 

I’m sure she/he will not resit!

3. A Scavenger Hunt Proposal

A fun and mysterious way to propose to your babe is to arrange for a mini scavenger hunt. 

You can start the hunt from her/his home or workplace and lead the search through different places with a hint that would lead her/him to a favorite spot. 

This will arouse curiosity so that when you finally pop the question with an engagement ring, it would be mind-blowing, and you would likely receive a YES with a sweet smile on your lover’s face.

4. A Proposal in the Sky

A proposal in the sky would be the best way to pop the question if your “honey” loves adventure sports. 

Invite her/him for paramotoring, and then while she/he is up there in the sky, you will reveal a gigantic “Will You Marry Me?” on the ground. 

The surprise will be massive, and I’m sure she/he would be thrilled to see the question on the ground from high up in the sky. 

Once you guys come down, get on your knee with the engagement ring and insert it on the ring finger. It’s a guaranteed “Yes!”

5. Radio Proposal

Proposing over the radio will be quite cool if she/he loves to listen to any Radio station show hosted every day at a specific time. 

Reach out to the host of the program and appeal to him/her to allow you to propose. 

Once the host approves your request, send a sweet and memorable message over the radio to your loved one and request the host to play her favorite song. 

I assure you that a sweet proposal after her favorite song will be superb. 

After the song, get on your knees to hear a sound YES! 

6. Banner Proposal

If your babe is a die-hard romantic, popping the question with a banner displayed outside her/his house saying “Will You Marry Me?” will do the magic. 

Do not use her/his real name on the banner. Instead, use a love name that you are fond of calling her/him, and only the two of you know.

7. Propose With a Flash Mob

This would not be complete without this idea. Proposing with a flash mob is kinda a Hollywood-type proposal. 

If she/he loves attention, this type of proposal is perfect. And the likelihood of her saying yes would be high. 

Choose a public spot for the proposal and organize your friends and a few strangers for the party. In the end, your friends will bring out a board spelling out “Will You Marry Me?” 

Trust me; she/he would be amazed beyond words.

Final Words

Proposing to your special one is never easy. I get it. 

But if you put your thinking cap on and use some of the ideas outlined in this post, you can pop the question with the highest level of confidence.

Follow your heart, and the response would be in your favor!

I’ve been shooting countless surprise proposals throughout these nine years, working as a wedding photographer. 

I hide somewhere nearby to secretly capture the moment and the expression on the proposed person’s face. 

It’s priceless!

Thank you for reading 7 Cool Ideas To Propose On Valentine’s Day!

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