10 Killer B2B Marketing Video Ideas for Marketers

10 Killer B2B Marketing Video Ideas for Marketers

Do you remember when you replaced your old radio with a DVD? Likely, you don’t. 

Officially, the video gave the farewell to the radio in the year 1979, and guess what? Video is still killing other forms of content successfully and in trend for many years. 

In reality, it’s such an in-built element of today’s media consumption that many of us mindlessly spent several minutes to hours watching the video even before our coffee and breakfast consumption. 

Now, what is the reason behind such attention, specifically to the videos?

The answer is simple. 

Video offers an attention-grabbing proposal, and less engagement is needed to process a visual message. This could be why B2B Video Marketing promotes businesses better compared to the other marketing channels. 

And I am not the only one who is saying it; if you ask any experienced digital marketing experts, they will surely endorse the idea of creating the B2B video marketing campaigns. 

Marketing campaigns are not enough to lead the businesses; now, it’s all about making the best B2B video marketing campaigns. 

Take this example: When you are surfing the web, there is one thing you cannot deny. The play button on your social media timeline- this button is so compelling and speaks to you. 

Do you know how? Through video! 

So, you can get positive outcomes out of the video marketing campaigns to promote your brand and increase your brand visibility.

If you are still not persuaded with the effectiveness of the B2B Video capability, keep on reading…

Why Use B2B Video Marketing? 

The sweet and simple answer is ‘because people are watching the video.’ 

The video viewing time adds up to 1 billion hours of YouTube content every single day. 

If you are still uncertain whether to invest in the video for your B2B marketing strategy, these numbers will show how crucial it’s for the brands to develop the new B2B video marketing ideas. 

  1. 96% of the B2B respondents are engaged in video marketing. 
  2. 87% of the marketers use video in their marketing strategies. 
  3. About 80% of the internet traffic is generated from video content.
  4. 73% of the B2B marketers report a positive return on investment through B2B Videos. 

The apparent reason why video marketing performs so well is that it’s an appealing, concise, and intuitive way for people to consume the content.

Video brings life to the written words. Plus, the opportunities are endless with B2B video marketing as it works on virtual platforms effectively. 

You can make the video for your homepage and attached it to the blog post. Then, share the live video or video clips on the social media channels, whatever you like. 

If you are an experienced marketer, you must know that B2B buyers like to do extensive research before investing, which means an educational and engaging B2B video reveals not only entertainment but also accelerate the path to the purchase. 

Plus, you add the personalized and emotional touch in the logical B2B areas through video marketing. This could trigger the emotions of the target audience.

To put it precisely in the marketing perspective, B2B video can: 

Increase the social engagement

Develop, build customer loyalty and trust

Creating brand awareness online and offline

Reaching and converting the potential clients

Since we know why B2B video marketing can be the game-changer for your marketing strategies, let me give you some successful and influential B2B video marketing campaign examples by reputable brands. 

Let’s Begin!!

10 Best B2B Marketing Video Ideas

1. Explainer Videos: Aware and educate your B2B customers in one strike!

Such a type of video is all about updating and educating viewers. 

Here, brands can choose what to explain to their viewers, whether its product and services’ upcoming promotion, company promotion, FAQs and Q&A, product, service, discussions, corporate events, and webinars. 

Usually, marketers use such explainers to describe their service/product creating brand awareness and refining the lead generation. 

2. Product Videos: All about your Product and service attributes!

In this video idea type, you can specify and highlight the product or service, their demos, or show how the audience can use your product/services. 

This creates brand awareness and lets the viewers imagine the product’s benefits. 

3. Video Interviews: Connect with Your audience on an individual level!

B2B buyers might not get a chance to hang out with the industry experts or book a meeting with the CEO, but you can show the buyers their ideas and perceptions with the help of video interviews. 

This video idea will allow your brand to showcase the crucial characters or even feature the influencers or expert guests in your B2B videos. 

4. Tutorial Videos: Let’s teach how to do it!

Tutorial videos teach the audience how to properly use your product or service by offering them step-by-step guidance and valuable tips. 

The tutorial topic is entirely up to you; however, make sure there is a clear connection with your brand’s service/product and mission. 

5. Event Courage: A glimpse of an inside organization!

Event courage videos are designed to give the viewer a hint into the brand events and industry. 

Such videos may include location, activities shots, and interviews with the organizers and attendees. 

6. Influencer Marketing: Promote your brand!

You can feature the experts and leaders that your viewers will identify and be eager to watch in this video idea. 

You can create any kind of interviews, marketing videos, Q&A and tutorials, and anything relevant to the star guest. 

Of course, influencers have a busy schedule, so make sure you offer appealing and great ideas for collaboration. 

7. Social Videos: Socialize your Ideas!

Social videos could be in any genre. They just need to be fast and short enough to match the fast-paced nature of their social destination. 

The nature of social media allows the marketers to test the new B2B video marketing ideas and have some fun while creating them, like sharing live event courage creative shirt films and street consumer polls.

8. Case Studies and Testimonials: Sell out the experience!

Whether the consumer is from B2B or B2C, people nowadays trust other buyers’ reviews and their experience with the brand. 

This video is quite effective for B2B businesses to put their success stories with the customers engagingly and understandably.

9. Corporate Videos: Build trust and empathy!

One of the effective video idea types for building trust and empathy towards the consumer is corporate videos. 

You could showcase the insights of your organization, how your employees are working with you, what is the company culture and what corporate social responsibility you are doing. 

You can also show what your employees have to say about your business and how you create a change and contribute to society. 

10. Vlogs and Blogs: Entertain and Engage Your audience!

Are you interested in engaging the audience humorously and entertainingly? If yes, you can make vlogs and blogs about the daily activities of your workplace. 

You can also create fun challenges videos or even informative videos while adding your product/service to the videos. 

The more natural you sound, the more you appeal to your audience towards buying the product/service. 


If you haven’t invested in B2B video Marketing yet, now is the time to capitalize on this excellent marketing strategy. As a marketer, you could be creative with your ideas and planning. 

However, it’s always recommendable to shoot your video from any professional videographer. 

The more professional you are with your B2B video marketing, the more you can attract and engage the audience.

Thank you for reading “10 Killer B2B Marketing Video Ideas for Marketers.”

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